Soroban Finger Exercises

I have been practicing 1,2, and 3 digit addition and adding 165 repeatedly as a finger exercise.

Can someone point me to some standard exercises for developing finger coordination?
165 is nice but getting a little dull.


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… another drill add 1-100.

There seems to be many links for 1-100, including this:

The accompanying text says:

A great practice for training your fingers to manipulate the abacus beads is to add the counting numbers from 1 to 100.


As one of my drills I have been mindlessly adding 165 for the last couple of weeks.

Today I thought hey why don’t I focus on the shapes and patterns that the addition makes.
… cool… :wink: Actually looking at all the beads and the patterns they make completely changes your mental perception of the soroban. I suspect this becomes a bit like playing the piano with two fingers if you get the patterns and relationships. That an 10,000 hours of practice… lol. :slight_smile: