Soroban #4

I think I might have a problem…

First I bought an old wooden 17 bead soroban off ebay.
Beaten up and a little stiff but real…

Then I bought a decent student 23 bead soroban, very nicely made
Loose fit very fast but my fat fingers find the beads light and the fit on the rods loose and jiggly.
( a better fit for small fast fingers)

Next back to ebay I see an advertisement for a 27 bead soroban with bakelite beads.
( bakelite is not made anymore as the process is very carinogenic ). I is however the densest, heaviest most wonderful feeling plastic for beads.
… But it’s an old soroban and the rods are stratchy - ( I may try to refurbish it - it is not a signed soroban )

So on to number 4… I am still not losing my mind and ordering a multi hundred dollar craftman signed hand made work of art but I’m hoping this one will be a solid tool

If there is a number 5 it will probably need a signature. My employer is currently in the air on the way to meetings in japan. I need to ask her to pick me up a proper soroban. :wink:

or maybe there could be a 6 and I could get me one of the fancy ones with a button…

The prices on some of these are pretty outrageous when compared to a pocket calculator or a slide rule. I do wonder if you send them for maintenance.

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