Something interesting I've noticed; point of view problem

I just made my memory palace bigger; from 50 to 100 locations. I have stretched the existing memory palace a bit by creating a detour in the officebuilding that was already part of the palace. After that, I still had 15 locations to add so I decided to use my own appartment as an addition.

Here’s the problem. If I imagine a location that is inside the room that 'm actually in (the living room) I can only imagine the real point of view (from sitting on the couch). So when I’m really facing the kitchen, I simply can’t image looking at the garden.

Does anyone alse have this problem and is there a name for this effect?


I’ve never really had that problem, since I always tried looking at the room from different angles. When I create a memory palace, I walk through it in my mind and sometimes look around 360 degrees to make sure I really know the room well enough. My brain seems to fill in the gaps if I don’t really know what some parts of a room look like.


Yes, but here’s what I do, hoping that it will work for you:

I close my eyes and I imagine myself moving in another Palace and then I come back, my eyes always closed, and I actually in some ways forget where I am, and complete my memory Palace normally , from any point of view, I like if I wasn’t even there. Takes two seconds, and works better and better with time and practice. I barely need to do it anymore, don’t even need to close my eyes.

I always feel something a little strange when I’m populating the place where I’m at, but I look at it as something fresh, to explore, and less of as a problem, and that actually helps

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I still can’t do it, sorry

There isn’t a problem with what you are describing. You are saying your garden isn’t attached to your kitchen.

Your kitchen is attached to your living room, which is attached to your garden. From your living room you can see both your garden and the kitchen?

If so what issue is it that you are having exactly? Your issue though, is still fixable, there is a way you can visualise 2 separate locations at a time and also visualise the floor from a different angle respectively. Your brain to make it easier and more efficient may just erase the pathway in the visualisation and keep only the final two locations (garden & kitchen).

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it didn’t help me that quickly for me either . I really had to go and 50 + object Memory Palace and prolong it into the one I was populating at the time, tricking myself thoroughly.

Perhaps try spending more time in the other Memory Palace ?

I know I really had to push myself away longer

It was worth the work for me

I had decided that if after a couple of months of trying different things, if that and other problems still blocked me from using a place I’m at, I would just never use the place where I’m at.

There are literally too many palaces in my life be in the past or today or tomorrow throughout my life , and in my day-to-day life anyways…

Well, it feels like part of my brain thinks the point of view I want is not right so it corrects it to the real point of view.

Thanks for your input anyway

I can still use it, but it’s like imagining someone or something standing behind me.

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That’s one weird thing I feel to! But that never went away and I’ve done this hundreds of times, without exaggeration. But today it’s doesn’t affect the end result or the journey to get there. it actually makes it a little special and I use it everyday now

Ah now I see what you mean. Yes this happens frequently, most people find that this is not an issue (there isn’t any reason to see behind you when moving forwards). Some people navigate their palaces in 3rd person view or bird view, which bypasses this too. I use first person view but I can visualise a 360 person view too.

The only thing stopping you doing this is that you don’t really know what a 360 person view is like. If you want to train your ability to do this put a tea cup behind you or any real object you have and attempt to keep the awareness that it is behind you while looking forwards. Then try visualising what it would look like while looking forwards, after this point you should have it easier inside your palaces.

I will say though if you believe that this is hindering you from identifying objects around you in your palace then that is not true, the thing hindering you from doing that is different to having the view. It’s simply your working memory attempting to identify too many objects at a time.

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That’s awesome ! I have never even realized some of my meditation exercises we’re so closely linked to this skill. And I still have to repeat to remind myself that all these are skills to be developed , it doesn’t just work great on the first tries.

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