Someone knows what techniques actors uses to memorize their lines?

I know and most of us here knows some ways to do that but what I’m curious about is how most hollywood actors do it and what is the best way for them since the techniques here are not as famous as we think they might be. (Again, if there is some grammar error I’m from Brazil and I just have 10k words in english while most natives have 20k+)

Check out this video by Nelson Dellis


Amazing - I was looking for something like this a few months ago!

It’s cool that as soon as Nelson puts up the letters on the screen you can pretty much just read out the quote verbatim.

This technique,I found,works well in shorter time frame. But if you try to store stuffs in long term memory with this technique,you will fall into trouble. Because this type of technique has no distinguished reference point! Brain cannot differentiate “IAG”(I am good) from “IAG”(I am god). Here “IAG” represents both sentences! This is a serious problem with this type of technique.

However,for quick and fast actions, like the actors might do,this is an effective technique,…

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