Somebody help me understand the shadow system!

I spent most of the day trying to learn how to make card shadow system with 1,352 images, but unfortunately couldn’t understand how it works. If anyone can explain me in a simple way or refer me to an explaining article, I appreciate it!


Have you seen the main Shadow System thread yet?

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Yes, I read everything I found about the system in the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Since I use Google Translator to read Lance’s explanation, many words end up with meaningless and difficult to understand translations. But it was the same with Ben’s system. Only after days could I finally understand the principle of Ben’s system. I think in a few days I can understand the dynamics of the Lance system.

Maybe summarize the bits you do understand and we can fill in the gaps for you…

My question is in the coding of the deck. How to turn the deck of cards into images?

I’d have expected a little more than that at least. Okay, start with just the cards from A - 10. Re-read the post about the #shadow-system and what do do with the suit pairs. Let’s start with only spades for now…

Afterwards, come back here and tell us what the 3-digit major code should be for

5 :spades: + 7 :spades:

And we’ll take it from there.


I give up! Hard to understand. I think I’ll try to continue with my person-action-object card system anyway. Thank you for your help!

Well, you tried… just fyi, the logic with the cards up to 10 is to read the suit combination first… :spades: :spades: is S and then the major code for the left number 5 = L followed by the right number 7 = K. A possible 3-digit image would be silk.

If you already have a 3-digit number system, you’ll have those cards down in no time, because all you need to learn are the 8 suit combinations and their major codes.


Ok, let’s see if I get it! According to what you are saying, all I have to learn is:

The combination of 8 suits

#:spades:#:spades: - S,Z
#:heart:#:heart: - S,Z
#:spades:#:heart: - T,D
#:heart:#:spades: - T,D
#:clubs:#:clubs: - K,G
#:diamonds:#:diamonds: - K,G
#:clubs:#:diamonds: - P
#:diamonds:#:clubs: - P

#:clubs:#:heart: - L
#:heart:#:clubs: - L
#:spades:#:diamonds: - M
#:diamonds:#:spades:- M
#:spades:#:clubs: - J,SH,CH
#:heart:#:diamonds:- J,SH,CH
#:clubs:#:spades: - N
#:diamonds:#:heart: - N

And the Major System:


But what is the coding of kings, ladies, and jacks like?

That depends on whether they are followed by another royal or a card between A - 10. But why don’t you start with the above first.

Do you already have a 3-digit major system?

I really think it’s better.
But I have a question … At the time of coding the image silk. How will I know that the suit is Spades and not Hearts?

The original #shadow-system had shadows (hence the name)… for example the shadow to ketchup (769) would be mustard. So whatever you’d like the shadow to be for your major image if the card pair starts with red.

On the other hand, you could just do what everybody else does and keep linking images in the first location until you get a pair that starts with red and take that as a signal to move on to the next location. Then you’d simply put silk, but since it’s the last image in that location, you know that it started with red. Continue linking is this new location until you find another pair that starts with red.


I understand! Very ingenious this system. I will start planning how to start making my first images. You really helped a lot. Thank you very much !!! I may come to you to understand the coding of Kings, Checkers, and Jack, but I think now I can learn the rest on my own and without much difficulty. Thank you again!

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What are the cards in Portuguese? Is it V, D, and R just like in French? If so, you should swap King and Queen before following Lance’s logic… reason being:

In his system Jacks make an F sound which is fine because it’s similar to V, but he’s got R assigned to Queen which obviously makes more sense assigned to King.

Cards in Portuguese are related to symbols similar to English. Since the king’s letter is K, we speak REI, but we know that he is the king because of the king’s drawing.

I’d still use the R sound for king because of exactly that reason. Trust me, easier when you swap king and queen. Also because then the queen gets a different logic because she’s the only female royal card… so it kinda makes more sense.

There is only one problem with this. I got used to my current coding system. I tried to change several times but couldn’t and it was very frustrating mentally.

My card coding system:

A - A
2 - N
3 - M
4 - C
5 - L
6 - S / Z / Ç
7 - F/V
8 - G
9 - P/B
10 - R/H
J - J
Q - D (There are not many words in Portuguese nor people starting with Q)
K - K

I find it very difficult to try to replace this system since I use it a long time.