Solving lifelong memory issues...

Hello everyone,

I felt like describing my memory and some things that I have been realizing about it to you all. I would love to hear your input!

The main reason I got into mneumonics was to figure out why I have such a hard time remembering what a recent class that I took was about. I’m a college student. Now, I don’t have complete amnesia. However, I often times had to struggle to remember things that I felt should come easily, like some basic information I learned in a recent class.

After learning how to build memory palaces, I’ve noticed that the information comes to mind a lot more easily, which is a huge relief. It feels like I finally have some control over my mind and how information is stored in it. However, I now have the problem of wanting to make permanent memory palaces for every class I take because I feel as if I won’t remember it properly if I don’t do this, which is becoming quite burdensome. Have any of you ever dealt with this?

Some background about myself: I’ve experienced some childhood trauma and have recently realized that I’ve been repressing memory’s for years; I believe this to be one cause for my memory issues. Secondly, I’ve grown up with some technology addiction and I feel as if I’ve been robbed of some brain power due to over-usage of pornography, video games, YouTube, etc. Can anyone relate to me with any of this? On top of all that stuff, I’m also a business owner and have to deal with a lot of stressful situations; yet another thing that makes my mind function more sporadically.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts!



How many palaces do you have at the moment? Do you have enough palaces for each subject or things you want to Memorize.

It seems like you could solve this by organizing your palaces with daily space repetition.

I think I do need to work on organizing and walking through them daily. Currently, I’ve been trying to put each subject in a unique fictional house/building of it’s own, which I design and decorate to be the most memorable for that particular subject. Does this strategy make sense to you?

May I ask why do you choose to do it that way? Do the make up palaces more sticky for you? How long have you been doing memory palace?

If I have to do it, I would use real places and keep them in the notebook/journal/google doc for what palace do I use for what subject and even keep document about the palace and information I store for space repetition or you can use index/flash card to remember.

It’s personal preference and use what works for you. If It doesn’t work, you might want to explore and switch up technique.

I am a beginner as well so I am curious to know your struggle.

I think that people tend to remember those things they are actively involved in. I find Classes are only helpful to the Extent that i use the knowledge. In these cases memory palaces are great because I’m constantly reviewing the material naturally. Even the stuff that is obscure tends to get reviewed, but totally unused unrelated stuff gets erased. Then again you have people with superior autobiographical memory who seem to make memory palaces out of calendars and then obsessively review them subconsciously. Maybe you could try that. I think one of them wrote a book where she sort of explains how she does it. To me They all seem to have OCD which probably drives them to compulsively order their memories.