Software to create visual Memory Palaces


I need to increase my Memory Palaces: is there any software (especially free) to create visual Memory Palaces?

Thank you.

(Josh Cohen) #2

It isn’t free, but our memory palace software is only about the price of buying us a cup of coffee once per month (works out to USD $2.50/month with a 2-year subscription), and includes several other features as well, like a Memory League subscription.

(Kamal Sharma) #3

Do you know when is this product supposed to be released? It’s been on “pre-order” for a long while.


I’ve already subscribed, but it is similar to a sort of a Memory Palace Database…

What I mean is a 3D visual (permanent) builder with objects (fornitures etc.) like Minecraft (which I don’t use, but I saw a few videos) where you can build houses and rooms with fornitures and repetedly visiting/exploring them using a 3D interface!


(Josh Cohen) #5

It’s fully functional already, but is called “beta” because we’re adding more features. The clock on the subscriptions won’t start until it’s out of beta.


I’ve looked into house building software but I personally think that’s more trouble that it is worth.

A lot of the realtor companies make 3D tours of houses. Matterport 3D has some really good houses you can use if you want to go that route. You could take a screen shot of the loci and then put the images into power point. That is what I do with Call of Duty video games. I take screen shots and place the images into power point. It’s really simple because you can add a photo album and it automatically creates the whole power point presentation.


Is there any reason you want to build houses so badly? I just placed 100+ words I needed to memorize around the town I live last weekend. Placed stuff at a fast food place, a mall, up and down a road with little shops.

Does it really matter if the walk you take in your head is inside a house (first one above), more of an open structure (second one), or open air (last one)? I mean, what I’m trying to say, why not use existing structures by using Google Maps or Google Earth… something like this:


Using either an open structure or open air has these disadvantages for me: first, for health reasons I’m not going out so much and second where there’s nothing tomorrow they will build a wall or something (and viceversa) and because of the economical crisis where there is a shoe shop tomorrow there will be a restaurant and so on…



I see what you’re saying. On your second point though, I try to use things that are likely not to get moved as described in the previous link… not too likely they’re gonna move the Louvre or the other things on that route.

How about something like this then? There’s a few of them like this on YouTube… I get easily 20 locations on this route:

…plus you can pause and go back at any time during setup or play at 2x speed once you are familiar with the route and the loci you’ve picked. This would be another one that fits about 30 loci: