Social sciences, best method for oral final exams?

hi, total beginner on memory techniques here. i am studying sociology in college. i have a few days before a final exam. final exams here are oral. basically, i expose specific texts from authors (around 20), then questions come. is there any method for memorization of speeches? the speech would be my abstract of the text. i do understand the authors, but i tend to forget lots of things on the exposition part. tried loki method for a different exam with mixed results. memorization stuck, but it was quite slow. thank you for any suggestion you may have.


Hey i’m pretty new here so my advise might not be as valuable, but i am a medical student as such i am pretty good at memorizing large quantities of text. Because if i don’t understand something i at least want to be able to learn given the info of the text.
But putting personal reasons aside what helps me best is going though everything all the time like to the point that there the text/speech is stuck and you can say it fluently. So i go though the text by heart every 3 minutes for an hour. While this is a bit extreme for a homework or such it is in my mind appropriate for an exam especially oral exams.

The way my place works is i go though the entire route to get to a specific point of information. But for a quick recall i just imagine the loci this is easier the better your palace is organized. Especially if you (when you start to add the info) plan on remembering it by only using the loci. But this might be useless to you, depending on the way you use your mindpalace.

I certainly hope this was somewhat helpful for you. Good luck on your exams.


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