Smell and taste are two of our least valued observational skills

How Finding Wine Flavors Changes Your Brain For The Better

Wine is unique because it requires high dexterity in your sense of smell and taste. What’s interesting is that smell and taste are two of our least valued observational skills. Fortunately, learning to find flavors improves those under-used senses; it also challenges mental cognition. In fact, wine tasting improves the part of your brain first affected by memory disease (your entorhinal cortex, to be exact)!


I am kind of surprised that touch isn’t valued very much when people use their sense of touch and tactile feedback for almost any action.

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Well, you’re looking at 100% for all five senses… I don’t think there’s much doubt that over 80% goes towards sight. Would you rank touch higher than hearing? Just consider having a conversation with someone in person or over the phone (video or audio).

I would rank things very differently to what they are or what I think others would rank them but, I expected something like:70% sight 20% hearing 7% touch 2% smell 1% taste as what others would have ranked them.

I would not rank touch higher than hearing but i may put it up higher than smell. I just feel like I have been so much more reliant on my sense of touch. Just imagine writing or typing without a sense of touch, particularly learning to do so.

(I figured this is related enough that I don’t need to start a new post for it)

If you happen to be in Paris, you should try and stop by Les Caves du Louvre in the 1er. They have a tour (self guided it’s free) involving all senses… it’s pretty cool actually:

  1. The Soils Room - the sense of touch
  2. The Aromas Room - the sense of smell
  3. The Winemaking Room - the sense of taste
  4. The Label Room - the sense of sight
  5. The Bottling Room - the sense of hearing
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Boy, you are making me dream of travelling and doing just that! Sounds really wonderful, have placed in my bucket palace.

Hearing sens is impressive! I have to try to use hearing in my palaces now

If you’re already in Paris, you should make it two weeks and take part in this program at Le Cordon Bleu… cite the original post above and you can probably make it a tax write off, because you’re studying memory techniques. :wink:

…they also have a 10 months diploma program, but that’ll set you back some 20k.

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From 2k to 20k, why not. But I cant think of money and cordon bleu at the same time : personality splits.

Should I warn them that I drop almost every plate I pick up and need a bib or two? Ooo make it two for this!

I am definitely going to do the Cave du Louvres, Soils is first and I cant wait. Touch is definitely more memorable that hearing even though it is used much less.

Couldn’t find the actual map online… seems you can only pick it up when you’re there, but here two pics of the first two rooms: touch and smell.

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Much fancier than I had imagined just wow,

I had used a giant planting pot with steaming soil with a hand stuck in it in my bucket palace, oh and covered the door with smoking potpourri and tranformed the fridge into a wine cave and a blind man on the kitchen table and giant corkscrew unscrewing the living rooms door!