Small opportunities in life that can be golden (Memorization of odd stuff could be useful for making profits)

Once I heard from a teacher that her son gained a rubik cube by the part of the owner of a store just by the fact he doubted he could solve it. Now imagine if those odd abilities and knowledge we have would serve for us to win prizes at the most unexpected moments, like for example, imagine a haughty math teacher knocks the table repeatedly and say: “I BET 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS SOMEONE IS CAPABLE OF RECITING THE FIRST 1000 DIGITS OF MY. I DOUBT!”, and then you come and recite the first 1000 digits of PI, or just imagine someone bets $1.000.000 for you to recite the first 10.000 PI digits… Do you guys have any story like that to count to us and what abilities are the most unusual abilities that are most likely someone to bet high prizes for it just by the sake of the same guessing that way by its oddity?