Site or book from countries with the best education system

Hello everyone I am looking for books or websites to be able to refresh myself while having the courses of the best educational system in the world if you know any

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…which one is that?


Topic/Subject? Level? Intention (in a bit more detail)? Preferred source type (e.g video,book, etc…)?


Singapore, China, Korea etc…

In subject mathematics and science after I am not against other subjects.

College to university level and preferably in books

Well, can you read Chinese, Korean, etc. then? Kind of pointless to have books in a language you don’t speak.

By the way, I don’t know which countries “etc” applies to, since I’ve never seen a list that started, SG, CN, KR…

La langue n’est pas un soucis pour moi et même dans tout les cas il y a des livres en anglais ou même en une autre langue qui a traduit leur méthode

I wonder if the top-performing countries are successful for reasons other than the textbooks.

The US doesn’t perform at the top overall in math and science, but it has some top schools for math and science, and their lectures and materials are sometimes available online.

MIT is one example. There are also sites like, where you can get ideas for self-study plans. That site is for computer science, but there are probably other similar ones for other STEM subjects.

Another way to look for self-study resources would be to find a good school and see what kinds of books they publish. An example that always looked interesting to me is The Theoretical Minimum (Stanford professor).

I’m using the US as an example, because that’s where I’m located, but if you search around there are probably others, like Sorbonne Universite.

Other places to look:

I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for — they are just some ideas. :slight_smile: