Should I be constructing two large memory palaces at the same time?

Is it wise to build two large memory palaces at the same time? This is a similar question posed in language learning: should I learn two languages simultaneously or only focus on one? I am working on memorizing the book of Romans (16 chapters), but I would also like to memorize Paradise Lost by John Milton. Are there dangers in taking on two large projects or would you recommend concentrating on one long-text until it is completely finished?

Comparing this to language learning, there are the dabblers, those who dabble in many foreign languages but only reach an A2 or B1 level in each. Then there are those who learn two or more languages at the same time, but confuse vocabulary or do not progress as quickly because one’s attention is divided. In order to have a full text in your mind and have the ability to recite it verbatim requires a lot of dedication and review. Do you foresee potential problems in creating two large memory palaces?

What is your approach? Do you work on two or more large memory palaces simultaneously or do you prefer to concentrate on one at a time? If so, why?

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Not sure if I can help here. For about 2 years I only used speed cards practicing 6 decks a day everyday rotating around 12-20 memory palaces of 17 loci. To my surprise when I decided to apply this to other information I found it extremely easy to use palaces of over 200+ loci. I don’t usually do that because I try to keep my data around no more than 52 loci. If I wanted to memorize a book I would cut each chapter or specific data into smaller memory palaces. Similar to this guy who memorized a dictionary. I haven’t watched this in some time but I believe he pretty much linked each word on the first page to a location. For example “tie” would remind him to use the palace of a store he once bought a tie in and he would know all the other words based on that palace.

** Link won’t work - research Dr. Yipp Swee Choi - Man who memorized dictionary

In short, I think memory training will improve your ability to do any other memory feat. When I started with cards it took 4+ minutes to memorize and I had trouble focusing with even the periodic table of elements. After quitting for 2 years and my card speed now 40 seconds-1 minute average to my surprise I have a much better ability with any other memory challenge.

Good luck

PS the only real issue with dividing your time is as with anything else - you never commit to finishing one or the other. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Keep it simple.


I think it depends on how well you know your Memory Palaces, how familiar you are with the loci in the Memory Palaces!

Personally, I use a couple of Memory Palaces everyday without any problem! Even I learn and review different subjects with different Memory Palaces everyday!

Right now, I am storing the important points of two different books simultaneously with two memory palaces and link method. I don’t have any problem encoding the data in the loci…

I don’t see any reason why you will not be able to encode data from two different books using two different Memory Palaces! I prefer to use multiple memory palaces simultaneously, because this way, I can utilize the “Focused and Defused” mood of learning!!!


Here’s a link:

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