She memorize 1100 numbers in 30 minutes


This is breathtaking


She memorize all the numbers in chunks of 10 like phone number by his some memorizing techniques.

So 1100 numbers becomes 110 people phone number.

Means she memorize almost 36 to 37 numbers per minute. And without seeing the previous number.

Almost 3 to 4 Mobile numbers per minute.

And it is actually an impressive score .
I also wanna doing like this some day.


I think she did a great job!
Anyone know her name?

I assume she setup 110 rooms
Place 10 digits in each room.

It would be easy enough for an advanced mnemonist to memorise 37 digits every 60 seconds, and retain the whole thing for 30 minutes.

Some day?
Why not set a date? Go for it. You are already good memorising digits!

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