Sharing my study plan to memorise a deck as a beginner(my PAO included)

After I have been procastinate to create PAO list for playing cards. I decided to use what I learn from Scrum to finish big task.

You can see my user started active after I started memorising a deck again.

This framework maybe good for beginner to plan their mission for mnemonic practice.

Here is my steps

  1. Create Backlog aka the list of task
  2. Estimate complexity of task
  3. Estimate your velocity aka your capacity to handle complexity per week or two weeks.

Because last time I bruned out from spending one entire day create the system. This time I plan to takes time.

List of my task

  • Create PAO for Clubs
  • Create PAO for hearts
  • Create PAO for Spades
  • Create PAO for Diamonds
  • Create memory palace and memorise PAO Clubs
  • Create memory palace and memorise PAO Hearts
  • Create memory palace and memorise PAO Spades
  • Create memory palace and memorise PAO Diamonds
  • Create memory palace and memorise 52 card order which is 18 loci
  • Memorise 9 cards order
  • Memorise 20 cards order
  • Memorise a deck 5 times
  • Memorise a deck 10 times
  • Memorise a deck 20 times

After that I consider mission done and move on to next goal - better timing, create habit of practice etc

My PAO is a list of random character catagorize in four

  1. Clubs is Dota 2 character
  2. Hearts is Manga
  3. Spades is Movie protaganist
  4. Diamonds is famous people

They stick pretty quick with memory palace.

I attach my file used for Flashcard Deluxe app here.

Furthur study

  • clean up some similar action like punch and scream
  • solidify each lcoi by placing object
  • add more palace to increase round of practice per day.
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