Share your daily training routine

I was hoping we could all share our routines here so we could motivate eachother.

I usually aim for around 20-30 minutes a day of cards and speed numbers. I’ll have days of low motivation where I can hardly stay focussed. Taking a while off often helps me get back into form.
I find it quite fascinating how similar memory training is to working out at the gym and training muscles.

Do share how much time you spend practicing daily at the very least.
God speed everyone!


I review MP, PAO,Pegs,etc with Anki. It takes around half an hour everyday for me to review memory related stuffs in Anki. I don’t practice cards.

Besides reviewing in Anki, I also practice numbers(Dominic) and texts(alphabet PAO) with a script I wrote with JavaScript and HTML…

Also, I review memory related cards in Anki whenever I get time…on the road,or waiting for someone, or feeling bored!!!


Here is my daily routine.
I practice all memory disciplines daily as much as I can as listed below, I also spend time on the forum reading what I need to learn, share what I know, I also read and reread books on memory, I also think about other ideas how these methods can be used, can be improved further, and how it can help with daily life activities. I make a lot of notes and save them on my PC. I have 100s of written notes that may even convert into a book lol.

Average daily time allocated:
Most days: An hour in the morning | An hour in the evening.
Other Days: No Time at all because of my responsibilities.

Palaces: 10 - 15 minutes
I’ve also created a palace with the rooms using my Dominic persons. I have created the rooms for them all. I go thru each room, look at it as a whole, and look at each Trigger item, and then close my eyes to see the whole thing as a whole and as a 5 stop journey. I make my Person walk thru the other stops in my imagination to get used the rooms. I have 100 persons with 500 stops in total. I also have some other palaces with 25 to 50 stops in each, and always looking for other ways to create more.

Number shapes: 10 - 15 minutes
I have saved all the images in png and jpeg format from 00-99. I got thru them all one by one, taking a mental note of each shape, colour, action, size, and every other detail that I try to notice even further each time. I especially practice imagining what the object does with the other Object. I also use my own little software I’ve created to practice the whole thing. Each day I practice memorising about 100 digits.

Cards: 10 - 15 minutes
I use a simple system with the suits and the shape objects. I go thru each 2 card combo and practice imagining the suit combo with the action to the objects. Each day I practice memorising about one deck of cards.

Images: 10 - 15 minutes
This is one of my favourites. I can go all day memorising images as I don’t use any loci. I practice it with my number shapes. Each day I practice memorising between 90 to 300 images.

Names: 10 - 15 minutes
I have a huge list of all names for male and female and the images to use for each. I practice by going thru 15 names a day.

Words: 10 - 15 minutes
It’s not exactly one of my favs, I usually will choose 15 random words, and using the link method I place each 3 words to a locus. I also use a Person with a body method to memorise words.

Binary: 10 - 15 minutes
I like binary a lot. Since it’s a boolean value it can have many other uses.
I use it to memorise the order of a shuffled deck of red-black cards, binary numbers to 120 digits each day. This seems to be the easiest of them all.

Memory League .com
I am on the website everyday. I am solo training all disciplines mentioned here apart from binary.

I enjoy practicing. I also consider myself as "addicted"
It’s become a second nature to me now and I do use it for all sort of daily life activities, so I guess it’s a useful addiction. :slight_smile:


Would you be so kind to share your script? A Github repository may be for the idea and basic working. Please consider.

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I have a plan to share all of memory related stuffs(Anki db,scripts,pegs,etc) in future in the forum… I just need time to organize and upgrade them.


I look forward to it!

How does your script work?
What does it do?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

I got your spreadsheet image for the Alphabet Pao from your other post/reply. It’s great.

My script is related to my “PAO” system(both alphabet and number). So,it is pointless to share it,as one has to know the “Alphabet PAO system” first.

For example,let’s say,I want to practice 5 digit random alphabets so that I can get comfortable with my “Alphabet PAO system”. I can make a javascript code that will generate random digits like this: FCDSW!

Below is an image of one of the sections of my script/webpage. I use it for practicing ‘random letters’(Offline)! I select a letter(first letter) and the rest gets randomized. This way,I can practice my “Alphabet PAO system”.


If my spreadsheet helps you in any way,I will be glad! I got help from your posted materials in the forum. :slight_smile:

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Sounds great. Now that you mentioned about your script, I’ll tell you about the apps I’ve been working on.
I’ve also self-developed a desktop memory training app to use offline. It works like magic. I can load all pao digits in the correct order, or at random, and all png images that represents all pao gets loaded with each click of a button. I have a variation of it for beginners, advanced and intermediate. It will also load palaces as well! It can be used with numbers or letters, Major or Dominic, or an independent system.

Lately I’ve been working on the Online version of my app. It works really well, I have given access to a couple of BMs here to get their opinions and so far it’s all positive. It’s unfinished yet, but still working on it as I’ve not seen any software of this type yet.
Seems like we can share ideas on further developing these apps :slight_smile:


Cool… :slight_smile:

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That sounds really useful. A lot of people would appreciate different resources. Currently I use Quizlet to practice my pao system, and an app called “speed numbers” that lets me time myself.


I use Memrise and Anki everyday for about a total of about 25 minutes to review language vocabulary (currently Esperanto, Japanese, and Hindi).
I have a weekly appointment on Italki for one hour with my Esperanto tutor.
And I use treadmill learning, I walk on the treadmill for an hour everyday and spend some of that time reviewing language tapes (in my experience the Pimsleur program is best for this kind of learning).
For more on treadmill learning see:


I did the exact same thing with Pimsleur, walking on the river bank and forgetting time, breathing fresh air, and learning with relaxation and ease. And now everytime I go walking I always have audio with me and it is nicer and more effective than I couldve imagine, good tip !