Seperating Arduous immanence and Virtual palaces

What has been your experience in creating virtual palaces?

The prospect of creating virtual palaces appeals to many of us due to its seemingly unlimited nature which in turn is logically means an unlimited storage space, but how about its feasibility?
Most on this forum(according to data collected/intuitive heuristics) has probably complained or shown their dissatisfaction on the arduos nature and the limited time in using this technique.
Could it be that its actually difficult or is their another underlying cause to this? Perhaps a problem on methodology?

As a beginner,I used to dislike Virtual Memory Palace. And of course,I was also influenced by the complained done by many in the forum against VMP!!!

But couple of months ago,I started to experiment with Virtual Memory Palace. And I was amazed to see how effective VMP is(for me)!

Now,I know that I actually didn’t know how to encode a Virtual Memory Palace correctly! It was a ‘problem of methodology’,it seems,for me! It was my lacking of proper knowledge on how to develop a Virtual Memory Palace that had discouraged me to accept it as a suitable option…

After creating nearly 90 VMP and using them in my day to day life,I can say that I find Virtual Memory Palace as effective as Real Memory Palaces. It won’t take more than one hour to develop a virtual MP that has 50+ loci…!

I have been so impressed by VMP that I downloaded nearly 50 GB of Game Places for using as Virtual Memory Palace from YouTube…I will be creating VMP with them as I get time… :smiley:

There is no limit to how many Memory Palaces you can create!

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May I ask, what is that you were not doing correctly?

I could not/still cannot memorize a Virtual Memory Palace just by “Imagining” it. It doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter how many times I walk through the VMP in my mind or how many times I watch the image/video of a VMP, It gets difficult for me to stick it in my mind…

I had an issue! I discovered it accidentally…

The issue is,if I don’t connect the new information with the old one,I have difficult time to recall the new information(I don’t know about others)! I was not associating the old info with the new one!

After I realized this,it crossed my mind that I should put the PEG lists(Number lists,Alphabet lists) in the loci of the VMP as I walked through the VMP. The reason is,I already know the PEG lists very well(old info),so when I put/associate/imagine them in the loci of a VMP(new information),it gets very easy for me to remember the VMP and all of its loci…

After I do this once or twice,I try to walk through the VMP without the PEG lists. And I can then easily recall all the locations/spaces/objects in the VMP quite easily!

I do the same thing with Stock Chart,too. I am a stock trader,so I try to recall important charts and what I did during the trade with that chart…I just put the PEG lists in the important areas of the chart and I can then easily recall the moves of the stock! Amazing. I wouldn’t believe even last December that I would be able to keep a stock chart in my memory with the important trading details!

Associating the PEG lists(old info) with the Loci or Charts(new info) did the trick for me!

It’s one of my favorite parts. In my opinion they are far more effective than traditional memory palaces due to the limitless modifications you can make to them. You can relatively easily make 300 locations in 5 minutes and even improve your ability to do this with some training.

It’s very feasible. I have made posts on how to do something like this but really, I have made over 35k memory palace locations in this way. They are very memorable, and very unique, some of them are far more robust than any real location I know.

As there is a lot more freedom there are a lot more things you need to consider in order to make it work.

Many people in general do not experiment or make their own methods under the psychological limitation that ‘someone must surely have done this before if it works’, In all cases that kind of insight does not lead to much progression.