Seasons and place to remember dates


I’m new here and I currently focus on learning dates. To do so I only have 100 images developped following the Major system.

At first I encoded everything using those images and as Daffy Duck is my 18 when learning dates from the 18xx period, he would be everywhere. It’s somehow confusing and I wanted to have a better system.

I looked at 3D system like Ben system but as my mother tongue is not English but French Ben system wouldn’t work and I would have to developped the full system using the Major system, then learn all those images. That’s too much work for what I want to achieve.

I also looked at system where you have a character, an action and an object for each number but I don’t really like it.

Then I remembered having read somewhere one memoryze better when the image uses the 5 senses so I despised to code the first digit using a season:
0xxx Spring
1xxx Summer
2xxx Autumn
3xxx Winter

And for the second digit I chose a place using the Major system. X9xx is a Palace.

Now to record the end ow WW1 I would choose a smiling soldier (happy to go home) meeting Daffy Duck in the corridor of a Palace with lots of light and a feeling of hotness.

Seems a bit complicated but I know all that happens in the Palace during summer is related to 19xx dates.

All my images are done in daylight because I record dates BC using the same system but at night.

The image of Daffy Duck in sweating in the Palace at night goes for -1918.

That system would allow to encode dates from -3999 to 3999 without excessive work.

I would like to know if you believe it can work or it there is some mistakes in it.