Searching for mnemonic sentences and acrostics

There are many websites with which one can carry out searches to return results with specific constraints from a dictionary with the purpose of solving word puzzles.

But is there a way to search a specific text document, other than a dictionary, so that one can locate meaningful mnemonic sentences from the text of one’s choice?

For example, if I want to find a sentence to help me remember the order of a list of letters, M, I, S, S, C, G, which are the first letters of a list of words I need to remember: Muscular, Infrahyoid, Superior laryngeal, Sternomastoid, Cricothyroid, Glandular, how can I search a text document (or multiple documents) for sentences in which these letters appear as the first letters in the words of that sentence?

This would allow me to memorize sentences from the text of my choice, which are meaningful and useful, and simultaneously memorize the order of the letters which I need to recall the list of vocabulary words.

Sure, I can generate a mnemonic of random, meaningless words, which would serve the purpose of memory recall just fine. I might end up with a funny sentence like: “May I Softly Squeeze Charlie’s Girl?” to help me remember the above list of words. However, I would much prefer to find mnemonic sentences from a text of my choice which are personally meaningful to me.

Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!