School vs Games like Beatsaber

This is crazy.
I work pretty hard when I teach. My students work hard too. Hopefully we have a lot of fun while we’re at it. If we’ve both done a good job we might remember some of the lesson. Great.

And then…

I go home and remember the positions of thousands of blocks and block directions effortlessly in Beatsaber:

And my students go home to play RoBlox and probably learn to read in a much easier way from a chat window too.

If games could be just 10% as educational as they are fun to play we’d surely be on to something fantastic.

But there’s just one problem: Games release so much dopamine, you build up a tolerance and then need that stimulation again to continue.

Who cares for dopamine tolerance when conventional teaching is boring as fuark.

I sort of agree with SupaTurkBR about teaching. It is so boring haha I am guilty of playing games because it is something to do. It is not something amazing or mind blowing. Also, have you seen kids play games!?! They get mad as hell which I am sure no dopamine is released haha

But I agree if learning can be more interesting or practical, kids would want to learn.

Very likely games release much dopamine, but in contrast if teachers could captivate kids attention to gaming as a pedagogical tool, the neurotransmitters insensitivation would be something worth being bargained.

I played a game with my friend for 2 days straight without any sleep in-between. This was the first time we played the game and it was a game we disliked right away. 0 breaks.


I question it. If we can play games for 2 days straight without any breaks, games which are more demanding than conventional education…even games we find somewhat boring then… perhaps something else is missing from teaching too.

Balance is everything. Playing two days straight is not normal by the way. I would fall sleep.

but normal is boring

“Normality is what weak people call living. I call it death.” -Greg Plitt

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I am not sure it is usual to remember the directions of blocks :slight_smile: I spent quite a bit of time playing this game, I don’t remember a single direction…

This is actually my “meditation time” playing Beat Saber. :slight_smile:

I can relate to this. Even though I tried extremely hard with homeschooling, most of the stuff I learned I forgot within a day and ended up nearly failing the year (This was around 2011). Yet when I turned on my xbox to play guitar hero, it was pretty much effortless to remember what button to press and when to press it.