Save a book

Hello, everyone🌼
How are you doing

I’ve been in the process of saving the grammar book(النحو)
Well it is made up of 52 bases I divided each rule on index paper into 5 information and every information that takes from me from 1 to 3 images

I end up keeping the base (I end up memorizing one linguistic base)
In a full station (room) from stations tha palace

The problem is that my memory failures are limited to about 20 minors only, The palace you’ve allocated to save this material contains 17 stations, And I’m keeping every base in a station so it’s going to be enough to save only 17 bases, And there’s going to be 35 bases left
And I don’t want to use another mansion with him because I need them for other materials

What do I do to increase the space And keeping more from information in this palace??

And I can’t just save the headlines because my memory isn’t magnetic yet (I think I’m going to suffer in the rest of the subjects :sweat:)

Another question: Is there a better and faster way to memorize a textbook??

Another question: Should the information you memorize be saved by repeating again with memory technologies??

What are your suggestions for solving the problem???

And thank you in advance

:blossom:I wish you a happy day :blossom:

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Hello, I think you should try and come up with some mnemonic system for your regional language, that can make the encoding process much simpler.

Reviewing should be more, for tasks like complete memorisation of text, which you are planning to do.