Sans Forgetica is a typeface designed for memory

(Josh Cohen) #1

sans-forgetica :thinking:

See also The benefit of ugly fonts and Fonts Designed for Dyslexia.

(Silvio B.) #2

I could imagine that writing like this could make you remember more because you need to pay more attention.
To me it looks kind of like if someone wrote something with a normal font and then went over it with an eraser. It somehow makes it more interesting.

Just tried it. It’s like my brain wants to complete the missing parts while reading. I can definitely see how that would make me remember more. Often when I read a sentence, I’m in “autopilot” and forget what I just read. I think that font could prevent me from going into “autopilot” when reading.


Not sure… of course that’s just talking about it as far as math is concerned.


“Sans Forgetica”, ha! A cleverly-named font at the least.


Yeah the Sans Forgetica chrome extension is, unfortunately, not very usable. Needs better programming/implementation I guess. Awesome idea though.