San Francisco Memory Competition

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a plan for a memory competition in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are over 85 people in our local memory club, and there are no memory competitions within 2,000 miles. I’ve only mentioned it to a few people outside of the San Francisco area, but I think enough people know now that maybe we could discuss it here in the forum.

The details are not worked out yet, but I wanted to mention the idea here to gauge interest and get some feedback. If you have a moment, please fill out this quick survey.

I have some ideas about the dates, but I’ll mention them later after I determine how realistic they are.

There are still many details to work out, but let me know what you think…

any more news on the San Fran competition?

It is a good idea.

We have a local memory club with over 100 members. I got busy with another project, but I still want to do this. We were talking about doing smaller monthly competitions among the club members in the meantime. If there is anyone who would like to help, let me know – I’d love to get this project launched. :slight_smile:

Hey Josh, maybe we can work together. I am planning an official (!) US West Coast Open. There are still some decisions to make but it looks very promising. My plan was LA for the location but that is not set in stone. I will attend as the official judge making it the first rankable championship in the US.

Josh and Flauwy,

We need to have a California competition

Two options are SF and LA of course

If you want to meet part way, I have a school gym for free in Fresno
to host a competition ( and people can go visit Yosemite 1 1/2 hours away)
If we have it in Fresno, I will also donate $150 prize money

Any questions you can email me at [email protected]


Thank you for your generous offer, Ray. For now I believe an East and West Coast Open will be a better start. We can discuss to hold the West Coast Open in Fresno. After them wen can create State Championships, if there is a demand. In any case I will contact you soon.

I’ll send you both a message.

Hey there guys. I absolutely love this idea. If you could keep me informed about any developments, I’d love to help out in any way I can. I’m a singular mnemonist currently in Tucson, AZ. That being said, I would be more than happy to drum up some interest down here and make the drive out if this west coast open is happening.

I think we are all planning on attending the US Memory Open in Los Angeles in November
Josh-are we postponing any other California event until perhaps 2015?
Here is more info

BTW I went to your everyday deduction website, BRILLIANT!
If I wasn’t dedicating so much time and effort to get ready for the LA Memory Open I would follow your footsteps and practice to increase my observation and deduction skills!

Yes, I’m still planning to do competitions here in the San Francisco Bay area, but probably not until 2015. Maybe some small events with the SF Bay Memory Club before that, but I’m not sure yet.

Any Updates on this front??