SAME MOTIVE "Images" and…

We all hate when we make a mistake because there is two identically images, so why not making this even harder, by making ALL the same object.
-Like this ALL cat photos, 30 different ones. And now comes your task at the
recall section to get them all right, in the correct order.

Therefor, adding a new section, at both Training and Compete will make players able to play this when these occasion occurs. Surprise events is something that is held dear in Memory League Live-Competition, which is why I don’t intend this to be a shortcut to become a Master at this before competitions, but, this section will be open at an occasional basis, like once a month with Unique type of Disciplines.
It could be looked like this, a great way of introducing the Playoffs, Semis and Finals in The League.
The same week as the League Playoffs starts, will be the same as this is introduced. After the Playoffs is done, this section will be removed until Next Season. Therefor, during the Playoff week the players have the opportunity to practice this surprise event and… what is even better is, that there could be a multitude of different Games to choose from.
From Binary digits to only cat Images at images. The variety is endless, only the Imagination sets the limits.

As a bonus, during that week, the Leaderboard will have a new tab open, called “Surprise events” which players can rank them self up with. This rating will be unique, and only influence that rating alone.