Rubiks Cube

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Hi guys. I would like some help with learning to solve The Rubicks Cube. There are a lot of diffrent ways on YouTube etc, but i want the BEST method, and how to start/progress :slight_smile:


Here is how I’d show a newcomer how to do it:

  1. Learn the beginner’s method (layer-by-layer)
  2. Learn 2-look PLL
  3. Learn 2-look OLL
  4. Get an idea of F2L instead of layer-by-layer
  5. Learn full PLL

With the beginner’s method you can get well under 2 minutes with a bit of practice. With 2-look OLL and 2-look PLL you can get under a minute.

Once you completed the 5 steps above it’s up to you… full OLL will save some time, but probably more improvement will come out of improving your F2L with lookahead, etc. as well as standardizing your cross and making good use of the 15 sec inspection time. Should be able to reach about 30 seconds in solves.

If you feel like doing blindfolded solves: start after you got to full PLL and use Old Pochmann for corners and edges. After a few successful solves, keep OP for corners and upgrade to M2 for edges. Once you get to this point, you’ll know how to move on from there.

Here’s a good resource for the steps above:

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That was SO helpfull, thank you very much!. :smiley:


Happy to help.

One thing I forgot… in the link I posted, it uses the E-perm in the 2-look OLL; use a Y-perm instead. Gets the same accomplished as far as 2-look OLL, but the Y-perm is the main algorithm for the corners in Old Pochmann, so you’ll get lots more practice this way.

I’m just assuming that you are also interested in blindfolded solves. :wink:


Hi JK, I agree with bjoern’s recommendations. A few additional resources to help you:

The Reddit /Cubers community is great and very supportive of all skill levels from absolute beginner to world record pros:

Feliks Zemdegs has more information, pdfs, tutorials, etc. than you could ever wish for at

My favorite tutorials are done by Dylan Wang, aka JPerm on YouTube:

Finally, for algorithms and various subsets, AlgDB is the go to spot:



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Hi Bjorn.
Thank you very much!

Great video with Dylan!

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Hi Bjoern.
I havn´t got that far yet, but good to know!, thx :slight_smile: