rubiks cube help


Hi guys
I just recently solved a rubiks cube blind and to do so i must remember a string of letters about 20 characters long containing the letters a-y excluding x. normally i just group them into 4’s and pick a word for each one like if it was flpj i would remember something like frank lets people jump. this method works but is very inefficient and i need a better method to memo the letters for multi blind solves.
thanks guys


We do have some blind speedcubers among us, unfortunately I’m not in contact with any of them. Josh (or anyone) if you read this, and if you have Paolo, the speedcuber from the g+ hangouts, still in your circles, do you fancy turning his attention to this thread?


Am I oversimplifying by saying that you could create a 20 step journey and then place images on the journey based on, say, the phonetic alphabet i.e. alpha, bravo, charlie etc.

I learned them recently and for alpha have a gorilla (alpha male), bravo = girl in bra, charlie = charlie dimmock, delta = Del covered in tar etc etc.

I guess you could also theoretically convert letters to numbers 01 to 26 and then use the Dominic System or even PAO if you were brave!

(Probably also best to have a number of different 20 step journies in your locker if you are going for multiple solves.)