Roaming Francis' Path to Mastery of the Mind

Hello everyone,

I am Roaming Francis. I am 19 years old and taking prerequisite courses with the goal of getting into the nursing program at my local community college. After high school I took time off to travel and have new experiences. I learned a lot during this time and am excited to be back in school. I have been increasingly interested in memory and cognitive enhancement, and I am starting a journal to document what I learn and to keep me accountable.

In high school I self-identified as a “foreign language kid,” so jumping into a STEM major is fun, exciting, and scary. Barbara Oakley’s Learning How to Learn is a big inspiration to me because I am going through the same process she did, confronting scary math and science courses.

I am currently taking Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Statistics, and Ethics. My goal is to get an A and a genuine mastery of the material in each of these classes.

I think the Pareto Principle applies to doing well in school. By focusing on a couple of techniques, (spaced repetition, Method of Loci, immediate feedback on problem sets, etc) I think I can learn how to study efficiently.

I posted a set of questions here addressing my difficulties in memorizing anatomy. Maybe someone will see it and help out :slightly_smiling_face:

I plan to keep this journal updated with the techniques I use, their effectiveness, and what I learn along the way. I find that keeping journals such as these is helpful for keeping me accountable and avoiding procrastination.

Thanks for reading, best to everyone.

Roaming Francis