Reviewing long study sessions: How to make it work?


Hi, this is a bit long, I’ll divide it into different sections:

Ok, blablabla time: I usually study for long sessions such as 8 hours per day., sometimes more than 12 hours. I learned I could be more efficient by simply using a method such as the Pomodoro Technique in which I do 4 sessions of studying, each one consists of 25 minutes of studying hard + 5 minutes closing my eyes. After the 4 sessions I take 20 minutes for freetime, then repeat until day is gone.

My question is in which moment of the day should I review loci?
I’ve read it’s a good idea using Anki. Should I add each image for each keywords or the story that’s happening on certain Loci?
IDK if this is important, but I simply need to cut&paste the text in the exam (February 14th, I hope I could fall in love with this subject by then). It’s not in the way I want to learn it, so I just need it for exam then I can forget it and learn it on my own way (maybe recycling the images and placing them in central loci I used for subjects I really love). IDK if using Anki would be a good idea.
I have already used Anki for many years for studying kanji (without using Loci but funny stories) and it was really hard to keep up with too much information.

EXAMPLE Sometimes someone asks for an example so I can give you one beforehand. For instance, these are some keywords from the text I have to remember:
“Glutaraldehído -> High level desinfection -> medical and surgical instruments”
I translate it into images in my mind as follows:
“Grúa con conductor ido o distraído” (absent-minded crane driver) -> a Shower -> a medic (white coat) & a surgeon (green outfit).
For high level desinfection I use a shower (for medium I use a toilet and for low I use the floor everything inside a bathroom).
So the story is as follows (it was made in 10-15 minutes):
“In the shower there’s a surgeon and a medic fully-dressed together Idk why but it works.
Then I imagined a “Grúa” (Crane in Spanish) with a “conductor ido o distraído” (an absent-minded driver) breaking the walls where the shower is, exposing the inside of the bathroom.”
This is 1/6th from the text I have to memorize.

So, when should I review these kind of loci/stories?
After finishing one session?
After 30 minutes (according to the curve of forgetting)?
When reviewing what should I recall? The keywords, the story/loci and/or the whole text? Can I simply read the text or keywords while reviewing or that wouldn’t work?

Thanks for your help and guidance!