Restaurant: how to memorize what people order

hey how do I remember what people order?

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You can use a memory palace to store all the orders. Each location can be for a person or a table. It depends on how comfortable you are with having multiple image for different people in one place.

Say the first person order: Water, pizza, and cake.

In location 1 - Bed: I would see the actual person playing on my bed in a water fountain that is shooting out pizza. A piece of cake pushes the guy out of the way to eat pizza.

I would do this for each person’s order. The important thing to do is making you sure you connect the person to the specific order.

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I suspect, that if you were to use memory palace, given how many customers come in and out, you might experience ghosting.

Maybe associating each order with each customer (e.g. their facial features) might prevent this?

Also there may be sets of orders which are easy to remember, e.g. everybody at a table picks the same thing.

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@Niten seems to have a good point here. You might turn a table three or more times on your shift which is too fast for a location based system of any kind. It’s the people who change and therefore you should concentrate on that as your cue to remember the table and the orders. Orders are also not good for cues because they can be duplicated.

As a waiter, I had no mnemonic system but was aware of how it should have been done when working without paper and pen. You pick a direction in the dining room which will be your anchor for each table, generally the one toward the kitchen. You start taking orders at that point and go clockwise around the table. That was as far as I got.

So, my intuition says that you should make each table associated with that 1st person. Find a feature on that person’s face that can be exaggerated, using their name if possible to create an image. Now from there, I’m not as sure what would work the best. It might be a combination of number pegs or animal pegs but most likely a peg system so you can take orders out of order. You’ll have to tie the first order/person with the other ones with some kind of story as well. Maybe the story should be based on the following people which would help you out in serving and remembering preferences if they return.

@andrushky17, how are you on remembering people’s names?

Don’t tables get assigned numbers in a restaurant? That could give you an extra memory handle if you have a good number system. Then at least you know what foods to bring to each table. Then, using the people’s faces or clothing / accessories can help you remember who gets what. Maybe like that?

Often waiters need to write the orders down so they can pass the written order to the cooks.