Research Instrument that can be use for an experimental study

Hello, Im A.L. i was thinking to conduct a study related to memory techniques and its ramifications to students , coz i find beneficial unfortunately i cannot find any sample intrument questionaire that i can be use to gauge the effectiveness of different techniques. Can somebody help me ?

I just wish to adapt an instrument that has
already been validated and used already in a previous study research,
instead of creating new questionare for respondents coz im not an expert of this topic so that validation of the instruments would not a problem.

Can somebody share an instrument related to memory techniques ?

i wish to concentrate on ;
method of loci
peg system
such as
number codes
letter codes
and visual images

Response is very much appreciated :wink:
A.L. from Philippines

What kind of information about memory techniques are you trying to gather?

If you’re looking for information about memory techniques in education, this book might interest you:

Sir Josh, i was looking for an instrument to be use in gauging the effectiveness of different memory teachniques like for example a ready made questionnaire that i can use in my study.

I haven’t seen any ready made questionnaires on the topic that could be reused. That book contains information about studies related to memory techniques and education though.

Example: there are studies like this which show the effectiveness of the techniques for language learning: