Request for new game in ML

How many people want that Binary number to be added in Memory League .

Join here and comment for binary games.
Because binary is also a part of tournaments.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Make it so we have to memorise 400 binary in 60s. My system uses 1 image to represent every 10 binary digits so I am absolutely in favour if you could at least let us choose to that point in custom training. Thanks.

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Thank you for joining here. I was thinking that I have only who wants binary number to be added in ML.
But I was happy to see that many people wants this.:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


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TBH there already is a binary game mode, but it was only given in those league events as !suprise! events, and it was only 80 binary numbers in total. They also had a suprise flag event and multi language game mode (you have to recall the order like image), both requires you to remember 30 in 60s.

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Most of us trains in Memo Camp if my hunch is correct.

Paid service as well, but it and ML has their good services.

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so Memo camp is better than memory league? I just ended my monetary deal with memory league and i was wondering if renew it or not, what do you recommend, memory camp?

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it gives a free trial like memory league(but instead of 3 trials u get 0.36hours for each game mode and are limited to certain levels on each mode), try it before u buy, best way.

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Neither of them is β€œbetter” than the other. They are websites for two very distinct purposes, so it’s just a question of which one aligns better with your purpose of training your memory. Memory League is for fast-paced 1-minute memorization battles against others. Memocamp is a training tool for real-life, ranked competitions where you have 5-60 minutes of memorization in each discipline.

Also, if you want to practice for real-life competitions, you might want to check out the IAM Competition Software, or They lack some of the extra features that Memocamp provide, but they are both free and the core functionality that they provide is all that you really need.