i want this bot that takes the title of a list and the content of said list from wikkipedia and ouput it on a webpage by default it should work like all your other list’s random but you should also add a search function so that people can search for list to memorize.

why do this because i dunno people get turned off quickly and exspecially to thing that are etherial mean in the mind if they can’t something they can’t see or feel the effect’s of right away but memory techniques are great because the techniques work right away poeple just don’t realize the importance of it right away so going by that logic i though hey what would get people to reailze the importance of memory techniques wikkipedia not the best source for knowledge but the most well knowen has a lot of list’s so to get the normie’s into memory techniques you have to

  1. bot
  2. list
  3. output
  4. ???
  5. profit

I’ll look into adding that. I wrote a tutorial on how to extract Wikipedia lists into spreadsheets with Firefox and tabletools2. You might want to try that in the meantime, pasting the lists into a spreadsheet and then randomizing the rows.

To randomize rows in a spreadsheet, I think you can paste =RAND() into a column next to your list. Drag the function down the column. Then highlight both columns and sort the list by the column that has the random numbers.

will do and by random lists i ment that it would have lists from random pages also i dunno if it will help but wget can download/output certain elements by it self the problem occurs when you want the title of the list because if you just use the last i dunno or before the table it might not be the title. so you’ll have to come up with an alogrith to do that good luck.

I’ll see what I can do after we finish the next site update. :slight_smile:


on secound thought you could just use the page tite and then add [table] i dunno that may work better