remembering people's names

Which one of these new systems modules can you use to remember people’s names ?



Remembering names doesn’t need a system like these. Systems are for converting numbers into words (and thus images) to help you remember items containing numbers (social security numbers, phone numbers, part numbers, dates, etc).

Names requires a different approach. Many people try to take the person’s name and come up with an image to remind you of the name (Steve = "stove, Brian = “brain”, Doug = "dig), then place this image on a unique feature of the person (like a large nose, or strange looking eyebrows). Then when you see the person a second time, you hopefully see this image, and it reminds you of their name.

Yes - although you could argue that a set of images used for common names (Steve = stove, Brian = brain, Doug = dig, etc) is also a memory system. We’ll try to add some of these as a public system in the software soon.

thank you