Remembering Bible Verses

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loginphp-jw 28 September, 2012 - 03:54

I want to share my technique for remembering Bible verses. I just discovered Memory Loci on my own yesterday and decided to Google and see if anyone was doing this. It turns out it already existed! :slight_smile: So I joined this wonderful forum.

I find it harder to remember Bible verses than anything else. With this technique you can open up to a random scripture you’re totally unfamiliar with, for example - something like Psalms 119:165 - and close the Bible and have it encoded to memory the FIRST time.

How long does it take to encode in memory by location? A few seconds if you’re good, the longest would take you half a minute and you never have to see it on written paper again. That means you only have to see Psalms 119:165 once! Memory Loci for scripture is amazing!

1.) To remember a Bible verse you need to remember the content of the scripture.

2.) You need to remember the numbers to the verse also. Why? Well because it’s one thing to remember the content but it’s a whole other story to remember where the verses in the Bible are at so that way you can SHARE what you learn from the Bible.

  1. You need to associate both of these with an familiar object in a static way. You can pull up any Bible verse at any time you wish without having to go through a “journey”. Following a route in memory is a bad idea if you want to pull up a random scripture about a random subject at a random moment - quickly too. What if someone asks you a question about the Bible? You need to pull that verse up on spot without traveling through a large palace.

4.) Look at a spot that you are very familiar with. Take Psalms 119:165 and first focus on the numbers - This would be 1 1 9 1 6 5. Focus real hard on the spot you’re looking at and imagine those numbers being printed into the object.

4a.) Here is the interesting part. For some reason my brain can remember numbers reading up/down better than left/right.

1 1 9: 1 6 5

The above example is harder than the blow example…

1 1 9
1 6 5

With the above it appears to be much easier to print these numbers in the mind to a location.

But it takes more than that…

4b.) There are 3 ways in which verse numbers have stuck in my mind. I found these to be the best method.

First way - Imagine the verse numbers as being light bulbs, or just dimly lit up . But you don’t just light up all the numbers. The best way for this to work is to light up ONLY the numbers you will likely forget! So in 1 1 9 1 6 5; the numbers I will probably forget are the 9 and the 65… So I simply imagine those numbers being printed to my location with brighter luminescence than the other numbers. This seems to print really well in the memory. It hasn’t failed once for me.

Second way - Imagine the verse numbers being colored . Strangely I ALREADY see numbers as colors lol But when you are visualizing numbers being colored in your memory then that may help you remember them more vividly. For example, the 1’s are all blue and the 9 is red and the 6 and 5 have their own color, or they could all be red besides the 1’s.

Third way - Imagine the 1’s as a shiny metal rod. Imagine the 2’s as being flowery with petals. Imagine the 3’s as being duct tape, etc. I found that the more familiar I am with the TEXTURE the more I can recall each number.

I tested the third method by writing down a completely random number 92851672843024 on the side of my house (in memory). I looked at it from paper just a couple of times to get all the digits down since it’s so long, but after I wrote them down according to their own texture then I was able to recall them all from a single location on the side of the house.

Imagine remembering 14 digits in several locations. How long of a number could you possibly remember? :o

5.) Next, when you have the numbers down in mind you need to remember the NAME of the book. Let’s take Psalms 83:18. If you got 83:18 printed in your mind you next need to get “Psalms” on the focused spot.

6.) It’s not over yet. You still need to connect more. Now you take a trigger or keyword from that verse. For example, God’s personal name is JEHOVAH. What is that scripture talking about? It says that Jehovah is the MOST HIGH. So you can use a location that’s high up and use a bizarre imagination to help memory recall as usual. Maybe a hand as large as a car coming down on you lol

I decided to test my limits by trying to remember as many scriptures as possible within a single day. These results are NOT including the scriptures I already remember. Somehow I find it easier to recall statically without having to start from a point in my palace just to remember. They just seem to click in my mind when words that are associated with my keyword are being mentioned.

Every scripture needs to be memorized not just by the content, or not just by the verse numbers, but by both. This makes it more difficult than just remembering long digits of numbers alone or simply a long grocery list.

NEITHER IS THIS CONNECTING LOCATION BY LOCATION - You don’t need to start from the door of your house and move along a path just to recall them which is why I love this method.

These verses I’ve been able to pull up when a conversation is started about a particular topic about the Bible or everyday life. When someone triggers a keyword that I have in my memory then I can recall a keyword scripture, the numbers and the animation I used to attach to an object.

Genesis 18:25
Genesis 20:4-6
Genesis 28:15
Genesis 30:27-30
Genesis 31:5
Genesis 32:10
Genesis 32:11,12
Genesis 35:5
Genesis 38:14,15
Genesis 39:4
Genesis 40:8
Genesis 41:14
Genesis 41:28
Genesis 41:32
Genesis 41:38-40
Genesis 41:52
Genesis 41:57
Genesis 43:30,31
Genesis 47:8,9
Genesis 48:17-19
Genesis 49:28
Genesis 50:20
Exodus 2:23-25
Exodus 3:15
Exodus 14:13,14
Numbers 15:39
Deuteronomy 32:6
Deuteronomy 32:15
2 Samuel 6:14-16
1 Kings 3:3
1 Kings 18:21
1 Kings 21:29
2 Kings 4:9-14
2 Kings 4:27
2 Kings 4:39,40
2 Kings 5:10-12
2 Kings 18:7
2 Chronicles 15:2
2 Chronicles 19:3
Nehemiah 8:2,3
Psalms 4:4
Psalms 6:5
Psalms 21:5
Psalms 86:17
Psalms 96:9
Psalms 99:1
Psalms 100:3
Psalms 115:1
Psalms 119:71,72
Psalms 119:165
Psalms 150:5,6
Proverbs 1:32
Proverbs 3:27,28
Proverbs 6:25
Proverbs 11:15
Proverbs 13:7
Proverbs 13:12
Proverbs 14:12
Proverbs 14:13
Proverbs 16:9
Proverbs 18:5
Proverbs 18:13
Proverbs 20:30
Proverbs 24:17,18
Proverbs 25:16
Proverbs 25:17
Proverbs 25:21
Proverbs 26:4,5
Proverbs 27:2
Proverbs 28:14
Proverbs 29:21
Ecclesiastes 3:9-12
Ecclesiastes 5:19
Ecclesiastes 7:4
Ecclesiastes 7:10
Ecclesiastes 7:14
Ecclesiastes 7:16
Ecclesiastes 7:20
Ecclesiastes 8:12
Isaiah 5:20
Isaiah 12:1
Isaiah 26:20,21
Isaiah 29:15
Isaiah 30:18
Isaiah 48:18
Jeremiah 2:12,13
Jeremiah 12:5
Jeremiah 15:6
Ezekiel 8:17
Joel 4:9,10
Luke 21:12-17
1 Corinthians 10:12
2 Corinthians 5:15
2 Corinthians 11:3,4
Galatians 1:8-10
Ephesians 5:18
Philippians 4:12,13
James 4:13-15

This is just what I have written down on my phone for copy and paste, but there’s several more! Each one should take you a few seconds if you do it the way I mentioned.

What I find so amazing about Memory Loci is that I only have to look at the scripture one time! After that I can close the Bible and print it into a location.

Josh Cohen 28 September, 2012 - 21:03

Welcome to the site, and thanks for sharing your technique. :slight_smile:

loginphp-jw wrote:

Second way - Imagine the verse numbers being colored . Strangely I ALREADY see numbers as colors lol

That sounds like synesthesia. Are the numbers always the same colors?

suncover 3 October, 2012 - 20:00

Welcome to the website :slight_smile: I agree with your idea about not having to use a journey - this is similar to the way I intended to learn languages, as you don’t have the added “overhead” of going to a memory location to dig up a word/phrase/passage, but rather, you have it associated via topics. Looking for a word/verse on X topic? Think about X, and it triggers the appropriate response! Nice work :slight_smile:

ickathu 4 October, 2012 - 08:09

I’m memorizing Psalm 119 using the Loci method, but I don’t think that it is necessary to remember what verse it is. I’ve got Psalm 119 broken into sets of 8 verses each (each big verse of the whole poem is 8 lines/small verses).

suncover 4 October, 2012 - 18:22

I imagine that the Journey method would be useful for large passages - would be interesting to try, actually. Additionally, I expect that these activities would help with your understanding of the passage - being forced to break down the passage/verse into key elements, etc.

garylanier 6 October, 2012 - 10:58

loginphp-jw… great achievement. Your labor of love is rewarded. I agree, the verse address is important, otherwise you keep replying, “it says somewhere this or that.”