Registered competitors for Pan American Open 2021

Here is a list of the registered competitors for the Pan American Open tournament (qualifiers during April, finals on 15/16 May). See the World Tour page on Memory League for more info about the tournament.

(last updated 2021-04-03T11:00:00Z)

Name Memory League Name Art of Memory Forum Name
Abraham Saynes Jarquín Abraham Saynes @abraham
Ahmed Gabr Ahmed Gabr @Ahmed2008
Alex Mullen Alex Mullen @AlexM
Al Houseen Hekal Al Houseen Hekal @Alhouseen
Andrés Mauricio García Torres mauriciog021 @mauriciog021
Andrés Maichel Maichel @Maichel
Anthony Da Fonseca Anthony Da Fonseca @likewater
Arianna Leidi a.l. @a.l
Bastian Wiederhold Bruce W. @Bruce99
Ben Pridmore Ben Pridmore @Zoomy
Boris Konrad Boris Konrad @Boris
Braden Adams Braden Adams @BradenExplosion
Céline De Luca Céline De Luca @CelineDL
Charmat Abderrahman Charmat Abderrahman @abderrahman1672
Christian Schäfer Christian Schäfer @Christian
Clay Knight Clay Knight @ClayKnight
Daniel Evans Daniel Evans 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 @DanEvans
David Cantor Medina DavidCantor @DavidCantor
Diana Rocío Acevedo Rubio Diana Acevedo @DianaAcevedo
Florian Minges Florian Minges @FlorianMinges
Frank Grube Frank Grube @FrankGrube
Gregorio Garces gregorio garces @GregorioGarces
Guillaume de Gabory Rafiki @Rafiki
Guillaume Petit-Jean Guillaume Petit-Jean @guillaumepetitjean
Jacques Pécome daoud74 @daoud74
Jan Zoń Jan Zoń @zonjan
Jan-Hendrik Büscher Jan-Hendrik Büscher @JHB
Johannes Mallow Johannes Mallow @Hannes
Juan Pablo Duque JuanPabloDuque @juanpabloduque
Juergen Petersen Brainrunning @Brainrunning
Kaori Arai kaoritchi @kaoritchi
Katie Kermode Katie Kermode :rainbow: @katiek
Kazuki Tsuchiya Kazuki @KAZUKI
Kevin Schulz Kevin Schulz @Philodoof
Lars Christiansen Lars Christiansen :denmark: @LarsChristiansen
Maksymilian Kozłowicz imnewhere @comeon
Melanie Höllein Melanie Höllein @Mely
Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ramadan @mohamed22
Naoki Miwa Naoki Miwa @NaokiMiwa
Niklas Månsson :sparkles:Niklas Moonsun :trophy::fire::fire::fire: @NiklasMoonsun
Orkhan Ibadov Orkhan Ibadov @Orxan
Rowaa Ashraf ROWAA’ @ROWAA
Ryo Kobayashi koba @koba
Sanchit Sharma Sanchit Sharma @Shasan
Santiago Lorenzo Santiago.lorenzo.p @Santiago.lorenzo.p
Sayaka Hokazono Sayaka Hokazono @sayakahokazono
Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh Shijir @shijir-erdene
Simon Reinhard Simon Reinhard @SimonReinhard
Sven Wetzel QuaraMan @QuaraMan
Sylvain Arvidieu Sylvain Arvidieu @Sylle
Yassen Ahmed YassenA @Yassojudo2007
Yasuhira Yamaguchi Yas @Yas

When is the last day to register? Couldn’t find that information anywhere.


The last day to register is 1 April (GMT).

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Season 11 participants who have not registered (yet):

@aavashkafle, @AbdelrahmanKassem, @rfast2020, @Ahmed2008, @a.l, @Alex92, @AlHouseen, @AndreaMuzii, @Sava, @AndreySafronov, @sohila000, @Annalena, @Anne, @Arnaud_Fegman, @Protojimbo, @batman, @BradenExplosion, @Brainrunning, @blabla17, @Sarojmote, @abderrahman1672, @Christian, @daoud74, @BOBBYFISHER, @myelife, @Dimimore, @Stanichnikov, @Faresmohamed, @Finwing, @FLUBIK, @BG960, @Gayankaa, @GildedTruffle, @guilfoyled, @Hamza_Kamal, @Haroune, @Hordiy, @Ilya_Gubenko, @IssaKurapika, @JakubGrynia, @jjeeny01, @JuliaKP, @kamik, @koba, @LociInTheSky, @LarsChristiansen, @Leonid, @chwalkoVsky, @driss1, @SimonLuisi, @MartynaGrela, @MaxiDi, @Marialice, @Mirlando, @Misheel, @NaokiMiwa, @Nkriv, @NiklasMoonsun, @n.ershov, @om2011ar, @finian, @QuaraMan, @Rajadodve786, @Klj, @Rowaa, @SilvioB, @Simon, @sirc, @SusanneHippauf, @Kobzar, @tchouye, @qhj4848168, @Tuguldur, @YanlyNik, @Yassojudo2007, @Yolan, @yusuke_sakai

Just tagging you so that we don’t have potentially interested people missing the registration deadline. :slight_smile:


Players from previous seasons (that have not yet been tagged):

If you are interested in taking part in the pan-american open, you can still do so. No need to have taken part in Season 11. You just need to register.


What I registered

@Ahmed2008 as you are under 18, we need permission from a parent for you to participate. We emailed them but haven’t heard back yet.

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Hi @Simon ,

can you verify that my registration is done?

I am not sure if my browser window crash was before the process was finished.

thanks for that.

Hi QuaraMan - yes, confirmed.

Thank you @Simon.

Thanks for the heads up!

Question, I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything: if I can’t check the box “I am available to play on 15/16 May” then I can’t register - independently of the fact that I definitely wouldn’t end up actually qualifying for playing on those days. Is that correct?

Simon my mother send to you that she agree

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Hi @Ahmed2008 - yes, we received your mother’s consent, thank you. You should be able to register on the Memory League site now.

I’m registered baby! CAN-A-DA! CAN-A-DA!


Hi @a.l ,

That’s the way the form works, because the idea is that you are trying to qualify for the Slam on 15/16 May.

However, if you are pretty sure you won’t qualify but would still like to play in the qualifiers, you could just tick the box and register anyway. If you happen to qualify, we could give your spot in the finals to the next player who is available.


Hi @Simon,
Yes I’m sure, I’ll do that then,
Thank you!

I am in as well.

Best wishes,



When will the drawing of the qualifiers happen? And will the drawing be streamed? I’m already excited. :slight_smile:

From what I understand, the seeding of the Pre-Slam tournament is done in such a way that all n number of registrants who have an SSL ranking are seeded according to that ranking from 1 to n. The remaining spots are then filled randomly with the non-SSL registrants.

The draw itself, after the seeding has been done, would follow a pre-determined bracket, from what I understand, like at the Slam, so once the seeding is finished, all pairings would be clear.

Of course, the random assignment of seeding spots to the non-SSL players could be done in a drawing of lots way like at the FIFA World Cup, for example, first drawing spot n+1, then n+2 etc… until all seeding spots are filled (and thus all pairings are completed). Would be interesting to watch :).

You would play in the final round, @Philodoof, btw, since you moved up to spot no. 15 of the SSL rankings (with 3 players who are before you in the ranking not having registered). The final round, for a spot in the Slam, will take place in the last week of April :).


I have a couple of questions regarding the Pan American Open.
Forgive me if the answers are obvious … It might be because I have been away for a while.

The matches are best of 8, so we all choose 4 disciplines, this I understand.
Now we are making 4 choices instead of 3, presumably you can still only choose 1 of International names or names?

You win if you reach 4 wins and 2 ahead, so 4-2 for example, and you do not play the remaining 2 matches.
Would this therefore apply also to if you reach 4.5-2.5 or 5-3?

If the game gets to 4-4 you play a tiebreak … How is the discipline chosen for this?

Now the bracket for qualification has been published, I play seed 43, so does this mean entry is still open? If not, who is seed 43, or do I get a bye?

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