Record holder for 1hour card event or 1hour number event


Do you know someone who has the record of 1-hour card event and 1-hour number event who uses only 2 digits system? It might encourage those people who uses only small systems like me.

Let me know in comment box.

(Simon Luisi) #2

Wang Feng must be that person. I can’t think of anyone else.


Yeah, he must be. But maybe there is someone who can do it too.


1-hour card event record holder is Munkhshur Narmandakh (more than 34 decks) who uses a 2 digit and 1 card system. She is also the closest to Alex in hour numbers and has surpassed the 3000 mark as well.


She use PAO?


Yes, from what I’ve known, most Mongolian competitors use PAO.