Recognizing Numbers Fast!

I find it difficult to recognize images for numbers!
For example I know that 503 is holism in my number system but when I see it admist numbers; I become lost!
How do I go about this?
What can I do?
Or is it that I haven’t practised well enough?

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This stuff takes time. Ive spoken to other memory athletes who will continue using their 2 digit system until they have truly learned their 3 digit system and this takes a long time, from what Ive gathered 4-6 months. I currently use a 2 digit and ive developed a 3 digit but havent learned it all. I am expecting I will have to learn 3 digit which I expect to take about 4-5 months and then another 4-5 months until I am as good as my 2 digit pao currently is. I expect to use my 2 digit for about another 8-10 months even though I have recently filled out my 3 digit system.


Maybe will also help using concrete nouns.

Yeah, sometimes changing the word helps, like 503 can be Alzheimer’s (imagine a brain with all the plaques caused by Alzheimer’s disease)

503 for me is a lizard man.

The way I practiced recognition and learned my 3 digit system is by going to RANDOM.ORG - Integer Generator and having it generate 30 integers(with a 3 digit system 80 numbers will be 13 2/3 sets of numbers so I figure practicing with how quickly I can memorize 15 sets of numbers would be solid) setting the numbers for the range I want to practice like 000-099 and timing myself just reciting the images associated with the number aloud. When learning a new set of 100 I do this with the first 10 numbers of the set of 100 until I can consistently do it in under 30 seconds. Then try the next set of 10 and do the same thing. Every time I complete another set of 10 I start from the first number in the set of 100 up until the set I just finished; so I might finish doing 560-569 and then I’ll do 500-569 a few times just to keep up with what I learned a few minutes ago. By the time you get to the end of the set of 100 you’ll be able to do 15 sets of numbers using that whole set of 100 pretty quickly.

I practice a different dedicated set of 100 every day and I practice with my whole set of 1000 images a few times a day. The nice thing about practicing your speed this way is you don’t have to worry about using up all your memory palaces practicing memo, you can just do rep after rep of recognition.

And if you want any help with your number system this is mine Major System Images - Google Sheets


3 digit systems take a ton of practice.

Part of the reason I use Ben system is many words are freebies.
In my system 503 is one of those, it’s sounded as soc so its already done its sock.

I made notes of the harder numbers when I was making the system and I add the ones I struggle with to practice those more instead of just brute forcing the whole system.

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