Recency Effect Gone Wrong with 76 digits

I’ve been practicing a little more lately on Memory League as I have a match coming up soon with Anastasia Woolmer, One of my memory heros :slight_smile:

and just wanted to mention how a recency effect may go wrong as it did with me just now.

I have managed to memorise 76 digits and was very close to 80 in a minute which is my goal this year. I was so close!

What I usually do after I memorize is to start backwards. With the recency effect I am normally able to call the last 20 digits or so with ease.

It’s gone wrong. I entered the las 20 digits as usual and then started from the beginning going thru my locis seeing the animations/images.

I got stuck after 7849 which I have already entered going backwards, not realising that I already had it.

Not only that, I made mistakes with number typing which I seem to do all the time. So rather than typing 96 I seem to hit 69 for some reason even tho I know it’s 96!

So by not going back a loci I missed the whole thing, and scores only 40 :frowning:

Big lesson learned today. Practice is what provides the real experience!

Anyone else keeps experiencing this?


Erol , Actually I am not experienced this type of incidence in numbers.

But many times , I experienced the swapping of numbers
Like 4859 is 5948.

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