Recalling position with PAO

Hi - I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I’m unable to accurately find what I’m looking for so apologies for any duplication :slight_smile:

I’m looking to potentially adopt the PAO system in order to try and memorise decks of playing cards quickly - as I understand it, this would involve coming up with 52 PAO images, and then chunking three cards into a single image, and dropping them at a position in a memory palace (around 17 images in total), so that I can then run through the route and recall them all.

However, part of what I’d like to accomplish would also be able to recall the card at a given number, without having to necessarily run through the path each time to do so. The only way I can think of doing this at the minute, is to assign a number to each point on the path (using rhyming or another mnemonic technique) and then doing math to determine where I need to go - so to find the card at the 46th position, I’d need to do 46/3 to figure out it is the action at position 15.

Is there possibly a better way of encoding this number information so it is a bit more easily accessible? Or is this a limitation of the system?


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A better way than…

…because that’s exactly the math you need for that. I believe calculating the tip at a restaurant requires more effort, so what do you mean by “a better way?”

You’re also spot on as far as the rest of it…

…that’s exactly how you do it.

There is a :mag: at the top of the page that you can use to search the forum.

Know your palaces well and create an image for every 5th locus. For example, I’ll place a hand at the 5th locus, a neon glowing X at locus 10, and another hand at the 15th locus. So if I wanted to say what card was the 40th card, divide 40 by 3 = 13 plus 1 left over. So, I know that the 40th card is at the 14th locus and represents the person at that locus. So all I have to do is go back 1 locus from the second hand image and see the person.

To each their own but it seems like extra work to place an image at every locus that represents that number.

In your example, card 46 is at loci 16 and is the person, not the action of locus 15.

loci 1: 1-3
loci 2: 4-6
loci 3: 7-9
loci 4: 10-12
loci 5: 13-15
loci 6: 16-18
loci 7: 19-21
loci 8: 22-24
loci 9: 25-27
loci 10: 28-30
loci 11: 31-33
loci 12: 34-36
loci 13: 37-39
loci 14: 40-42
loci 15: 43-45
loci 16: 46-48 <<<<<<
loci 17: 49-51
loci 18: 52

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One idea is to place an image after each location representing the number of cards so far.

So, between the 1st location and the 2nd location, have an image that represents 3.

Between the 2nd location and the 3rd location, have an image that represents 6.

And so on. This would all be set up in advance.

When someone gives you a card number like 46, you just need to find the nearest multiple of 3, which in this case is 45, and you can jump straight to that position in your journey. You know that the 46th card is just after that, so it’s the person in the next location.

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because that’s exactly the math you need for that

Fair, tbh I was more concerned at how long it actually took me to work out 46/3, but I presume that’s just practice.

There is a :mag: at the top of the page that you can use to search the forum.

Yup, and that’s what I used to search before I raised this topic, because I couldn’t find anything about accessing indexes of PAO routes when using it :slight_smile:

Thanks @QiJitsu and @Simon for your advice on the matter. I’ll investigate each of those options to determine what might be better, I like the idea of doing it at every 5th locus as that is less work to jump back where I need to get to, and means that if I need to go to position 43 I can jump to the nearest 5, recall the picture for that and go back two spaces in the memory palace (or forward to).

Having an associated picture for each number might help for faster recall, so I’ll just have to determine how good a recall I’ll need. Thank you guys for your help!

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