Rebirth of Pao ,shijir almost 15 sec with pao , who says pao is dead

namaste ,
i just mentioned shijir’s name becuase i need to raise hope of those using pao . in of th forums of art of memory death of pao in which pao was brutally killed and many demerits of pao was listed .
Myth about PAO System :-
1.) It is not enough and good for longer events that in 1 hour cards and hour numbers because it would have many repetitive images for many locii and it would end up in mixing up ?

Ans. check hour numbers world record it is munukhsur narmandakh using pao

2.) With pao its not possible to get under 20 seconds ?
Ans. check shijir he is almost under 15 seconds in speed cards on memory league with pao

3.) PAO is dying
Ans. pao is not dying i have proven it above but instead it is raising with greater enthusiasm

if am wrong anywhere just comment and if anyone want to share his/her experience for pao then he is welcome
please share your experience for using Pao


Not sure if PAO is dead, or alive, or a zombie, but it might be the case that it suits some persons more than others. I don’t know if those that are able to generate 23 images from a set of 1352 in 15 seconds (one deck with a 2-card system with grab) would also be able to generate 48 images from a set of 152 (one deck with PAO with grab) in the same amount of time. Both require a lot of training so it seems unlikely that we will ever have someone try both options with enough intensity to reach such levels.


How many years of practice for shijir to reach 15s? Alex 18 s in 2 years.

I asked him if he uses PAO and he said yes. I updated the The Death of PAO? thread. :slight_smile:

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