Real World Successes

I believe it would be interesting to have a forum topic about mnemonists successes in the real world. Not just in school but also in work place performance, job training, maybe promotions obtained, in part, because of their memory skills. Maybe speeches given successfully or sales made, time saved, ect… Any challenge that they over came because of memory techniques.

I think this would help folks who are ‘just looking’ through the forum or are simply considering memory techniques since they would now see how they have been used in ‘real life’.

I have none to offer since I’ve only dabbled in it but I would love to read the accounts of others. It shouldn’t be considered bragging. You would be allowing others to celebrate your successes and be inspired to go even further with mnemonics, applying it to different areas in their lives, maybe to solving nagging issues they face.


That’s a great idea. As a long-time dabbler, I can’t point to any specific memory successes, except for using it in my magic a few times, including memorizing a large magic square that I would never have been able to memorize with mnemonic techniques.

I’m looking forward to hearing from some of the experts!

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I totally agree. I found education really hard going. Having learnt some techniques is like having success at the gym: it changes your worldview and now maybe anything’s possible!

But how to apply it? Some thoughts regards efficiency:

  1. exam only certification
  2. rote memorisation favoured rather than the practical knowledge
  3. don’t be intimidated by language, especially jargon. Prioritise language!

As an example, it seems like learning to be a doctor is difficult, and maybe it is. But a lot of it is language. Crack the glossary of a book and you’ve gone a long way to being able to read the book. Some exams are more like an artificial filter raising the salary of those able to get qualified - those are the certifications of most interest for memory work, especially anything exam only and academic rather than practical.

I’m thinking about applying this to learn how to skipper a boat. Fortunately I have the practical knowledge already (albeit from a long time ago) and it has just been the local famously impractical academic exam that’s been the problem. However, I might be able to crack it now.