'Real World' Musical Memory?



I suppose I mean IS there a way to memorise music & scales & stuff using the memory systems touted on this 'site?

I can do the PEG SYSTEM quite well but not sure how to apply it in a ‘Real World’ situation…

Is there anyone who’s heard of Memory Techniques in this way, please?

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Have you seen some of these previous discussions about music yet?


Absolutely! For instance if you want to memorize a scale, simply find the semitone differences between the notes, create words that rhyme with each other to represnt the numbers using the major system, and viola. The minor pentatonic blues scale has the following semitone intervals: 3,2,1,1,3,2. I came up with the phrase “minor pent-up mint domino” and pictured a boy (minor) pent up inside of a pot full of mint syrup like a genie. He falls out of the pot and sets off a chain of giant dominos. In this way, I can remember the scale in any key by remembering this image and the accompanying phrase.


I would be curious if anybody thinks the Nashville Numbering System might be useful for memorizing sheet music. As it happens, I posted about this the other day:

It seems to me like it would be amenable to the usual methods described here. Sadly, I don’t play any instruments.


I’ll check that out… thanks!


Can you elaborate on this system, please…?