Real life application - Photography


I don’t use memory techniques that much lately,
but I was happily surprised last week when I stumbled on a good opportunity to use them… doing photography!

I did my first paid contract to record and photograph a Theater Play,
Friday was a practice, Saturday was the live show.

We wanted to have a few cameras and microphones placed at different angles.
I also wanted to get a list of different kind of shots during the play.

In the end, there was 6 recording devices and 2 microphones, with 3 tripods.

I carried 4 batteries on me becase my camera’s brand is known for its sh*** batteries, plus, it was overheating because it’s not made for non-stop shooting…

I also had a checklist of about 15 different kind of photos I wanted during the play.

All that to say,
it became clear on Friday that keeping track of all this stuff was extremely mind-cluttering.
Especially while I tried to clear my mind to make a good composition in my photos…

So I came with a better system for Saturday,
a better system to organize my thoughts that is!

I prepared 2 Memory Palaces before the play :

  • One for keeping tract of all the equipement
  • One for keeping track of the photo variety

Knowing where a piece of equipement was wasn’t a problem, the problem was just about not forgeting anything while packing up at the end.
So I had just had to review my palace once before leaving, instead of worrying about not forgeting about every single piece like the previous day.

As for the photo variety,
I didn’t need to take every single one of them.
But having a list allowed me focus on a different kind of photos when the scene allowed it.
It also helped to think what I had yet to try to capture and plan where I went accordingly, since I saw the play the previous day and knew more or less what was to come.

All in all, it just allowed me to have a clearer mind and focus on what I was capturing.

A checklist would also have been a good solution,
but there was no light, I didn’t want my phone screen to disturb spectators, and the few seconds it takes to take the list out and read it is much longer than if you can just look it up in your head.

Tell me what you think of that use-case
and if you have a similar application for memory techniques! :slight_smile: