Hey, I wanted to make a forum topic about all of the mnemonic ideas that help you memorize what you’re reading. Post your best ideas in the comments below. Is speed reading helpful?


I usually do the opposite of speed reading (slow reading?). I read as slowly as necessary to fully understand what the author is saying. Helps me remember it a lot more too.


I will often read a book by first looking carefully through the table of contents, then skim each chapter before going back and reading it deliberately. If I’m feeling very good I’ll read the table of contents again between chapters.

Cool! Thanks for your inputs!

So I began to use a speed-reading method that increased my reading speed, mnemonic skill, and comprehension of the article I had read, all at the same time, and on the first shot!

Have you tried the speed-reading method, that’s usually prescribed, of reading as fast as you can, even though you can’t remember what you read nearly a second ago? They usually do that saying that eventually your brain will catch up with your eyes, and you’ll begin to remember more of what you read.

There’s a a better way of doing that method, if you’re familiar with using memory palaces.

If you read as fast as your eyes can carry you, but you quickly store major ideas/ sentences as you go, then you can greatly increase your reading speed. For example I began to read an article nearly as fast as my eyes could carry me, but just slow enough so that whenever a sentence or idea popped out I would store it loci-method, using the most-natural, and quickest image I could. By the end I had read at an incredible speed, and was able to remember more than I usually could! So it’s seems to be superior to the speed-reading method of “go as fast as-your-eyes-can-carry-you” and regular reading. But how long do you hold onto the images in your palace?

I would hold onto the images for maybe a day, and then let them go, yet it seems that by that time, I will have retained more than during a regular read, while having read very fast. So it increased my reading speed, mnemonic skill, and comprehension of the article.

Now I would encourage you try it out! Read as fast as you can, store the 1st images that come to mind, and hold onto them for a day, tell me how it works out.

That’s an interesting idea. When you come across an idea, do you pause to create a quick image, or do you continue? I would think that the first option might slow you down, while the second would have you turning your focus away from the text. I’ll definitely give this a try. Also, I’m assuming you’re doing this for texts you’re reading for pleasure, in other words, texts that you want to remember for longer than you might otherwise, but not necessarily for the sort of recall you would need for coursework.