Read This First: How to Introduce Yourself

Here are some tips on how to introduce yourself to get maximum replies:

Step 1. Start by creating a new introductory thread by clicking here. (Log-in is required.)

Step 2. In the title enter: "New Member: " followed by your name (real name or pseudonym) and where you’re from. Example: “New Member: 4tops, Belgium”. It helps if you use this kind of descriptive title because it will catch the attention of Members with similar location as yours, and thus quickly get you useful feedback.

Step 3. Then give us some information about yourself in the comment box. You don’t need to tell your life story, but the more you share the better the feedback you’ll get. Here are some example questions to help you get started quickly:

  • Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do, where are you from?
  • How did you find about memory techniques? What did you like about them most?
  • What is your current best memory feat?
  • What’s currently your biggest challenge when it comes to getting the memory you want?
  • What’s the big goal you want to achieve? What have you tried so far? What worked, what didn’t?
  • Why did you decide to become an Art of Memory member?

Note: make sure you use proper punctuation and paragraphs to increase the readability of your posts - no need to try to win the Pulitzer Prize, but a big block of text is just unreadable. To make a new paragraph, leave a blank space between the paragraphs.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, simply click the submit button at the bottom to post your thread. Other Members will see your thread, you’ll be welcomed by them and you’ll get some tips to get started.

So don’t be a lurker and get started by introducing yourself. Just click here. (You have to be logged in to post.)

(Thanks to 4tops for the suggested text.)

Update: There is a basic rule about self-promotion in the forum. People are allowed to mention their blogs/websites on their profile pages, but please refrain from advertising them in the forum. If you have a question about whether it’s okay to link to your commercial venture, please contact us before doing so.

Without this rule, the forum slowly turns into one gigantic stream of advertisements because the primary motivation becomes to post only to slip in links to external websites that sell products. In order to maintain the highest quality discussions, I prefer that the motivation for posting is purely to share memory techniques. This is the same reason why forum signatures were removed.

If anyone has questions or suggestions, let me know.

Thanks… :slight_smile:


Chattanooga, TN

New to the memory game, want to meet others looking to improve and compete. Thanks drbrad

Hi - 63 yr old male - England. Just discovered the joy of having a good memory. I want to continue to improve my memory, particularly presentations as I often do these in another sphere of my life.
I am really chuffed that I have used a technique to fully memorise all 44 US presidents and the years of coming to office. I can also tell you all the Kings and Queens of England and their houses, back to Edward the Confressor (1042). Would like to improve, learn a couple of tricks and impress my grand kids.

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Hi am 33 year old male- Originally from Mexico, living in Orange County, California.I want to improve my memory to achieve career goals, manage information to make better decisions. I heard about through a Ted talk on How to Become a Memory Master - Idriz Zogaj.
My goal is to learn the skills for work.

Hi, I am 55 years - old by looks & young in spirits. Residing in Chennai, a major city in India. Before the advent of the mobile phones, I used to remember nearly 300 telephone numbers of my employer’s branch offices and representatives. I wish to regain such memory and more. I assist youngsters and very elderly, in their requirements.

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Meli, which is my real nickname, I am from the same country as Simonides But not the same ability to remember. It is irritating and embarrassing and some times not professional at all. Therefore I need your assistance please. I cannot really say my age but I am not too young nor too old. 0:)

Hi, I would like to start my training, but I do not know how, shall I prepare a random list and start to associate it with things and situations or there is an introductory method available? Any game maybe?

Hi, I’m Katie and I am from the UK, currently studying for exams. Is there any memory techniques anyone would recommend for memorising textbooks/specifications?

How to memorize a book

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Thank you Kinma

Josh, could you maybe close this thread? Like prevent further replies to it? It’s a good thread, but people don’t read it and post their introductions here.

Good idea. This thread is now closed.

To introduce yourself, please start a new thread.