Rated match opponents wanted


Let’s try this out. Since I’m done with my league season and since I will have to wait a long time before my next official game I wanted to look for rated game opponents in order to keep up match practice and hopefully improve. But I’m not just looking for anyone. I want to play by specific rules:

  • assume League rules but…
  • additionally you are required to go for a top 5 result. This means, if someone stops at a time which is lower than his/her 5th best top 5, he loses this discipline. The same counts for amounts. You need to look at enough Names or Words so that a top 5 would be theoretically possible. If both athletes fail to meet the top 5 condition, this discipline counts as a draw.
  • You need to have a full account otherwise 6 disciplines wouldn’t be possible.
  • doesn’t matter how good you are but you should have 5 top 5 results in all disciplines.

I would want to play these matches on weekends starting with the next weekend of the 11th/12th. But only one match per weekend. I’m at UTC+2 (Germany). I should be able to play between 6 and 10 am or between 14 and 17 pm UTC+2. You can contact me either here or via private message to set up a match for next weekend. Anyone up for that?