Rank beginner

As a rank beginner, where do I introduce myself and my humble attempts to memorize?


There should be a part of the forum called “introduce yourself”, where you can write a bit about who you are :smiley:

You can also write a bit about your goals and/or current achievements.

Welcome and happy memorizing!


Hi @Humble,

already changed this post’s category to #introduce-yourself for you, so just continue writing here… you might also wanna have a look at this post…

I’m an 84-year-old Canadian, physically active (I work out every day) and mentally alert (I am still teaching Math after 55 years in my profession). I was elated to read about your forum one week ago and am uber encouraged to improve my memory. My modest accomplishments so far are recalling a list of 21 random items in 24 seconds, memorizing Pi to 18 decimal places in 4 seconds and remembering the face cards of a deck of cards in 40 seconds. My bucket-list wish is to memorize an entire pack of cards. I have little idea of how I am going to accomplish this. Any help would be truly appreciated. Barrie


Have a look under Resources link above and you’ll find things like this:

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Did you find a system for memorizing cards that works for you in the ebook? If you have questions, let us know.