Random Competition #1

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce my first online Memory League Random Competition. I encourage everyone to take part in it. Below you can find rules and requirements to join.

1. General info

  • this is a knock-out tournament with best of 1 game format;
  • we compete in the following events: cards, images, nameRs (short. for international names, I will use capital “R” to avoid any confusion), names, numbers, words;
  • for n human players we will start with 2k competitors, where k is the smallest number such that 2k is greater or equal than n; k rounds will be played;
  • we add to the pool artificially 2k– n BOT players, they have no brain therefore score 0 in 60s in every event and lose immediately, their opponents advance directly to the next round, BOT cannot be paired with BOT (for obvious reasons);
  • players are paired radomly before each round using random numbers generator (I’m not going to bore you to death with the algorithm);
  • events for each pair will be selected randomly also using random numbers generator;
  • the winner advances to the next round, in case of a draw the game has to be replayed with the same event;
  • prize for the winner is exactly 0$, unless someone has a better idea :slight_smile: .

2. Requirements to join

  • post your Art of Memory username AND Memory League username below OR send me in PM @random_username OR put it somewhere where I can possibly find it (ex. Memory League chat, Facebook);
  • play at least 3 rated games in the last 90 days;
  • confirm your participation in the poll, which will be held here from 2.04, 1500 to 3.04, 1500 (assuming GMT time zone, 24h format), lack of confirmation will be equivalent to withdrawal from the competition;
  • read carefully all the information I have provided here.

3. Schedule

  • deadline for registration is 2.04, 1500;
  • 2.04 1500 – 3.04 1500: a poll in which you have to confirm your participation;
  • each round will last 24h – it is the time, during which you have to arrange and play a match with your opponent, please contact your opponent immediately after seeing the pairings;
  • first round starts on 3.04, 1600 and finishes on 4.04 1600 – be aware that it is a deadline, which cannot be postponed, same procedure applies for the next rounds;
  • a player who won’t show up (after confirmation) will be disqualified from the competition and will receive BAN for the next competition organized by me (in case of no excuse before the deadline), let me know about that before the deadline;
  • last 8 players will meet at a set time convenient to everyone to play final matches, it will take approximately 1 hour (match for the 3rd place is included);
  • please be aware of the demanding schedule and make sure that you can finish your matches in time.

4. End credits

  • the organizer has the right to change the rules at any moment and make final decisions in contentious situations;
  • I hope that someone will be able to stream the finals (@Hannes :slight_smile: );
  • I’m still searching for a partner to practise 6 different games (or at least 3, or even 12) in one go, please send me PM if you are interested;
  • please let me know about your opinions and suggestions, what can be improved, I’m trying to be as fair as possible, no bias involved.

Number of registered players: 2

So, If I get this straight, it is something like this?
I think something like this: If we are enough players, we will play more rounds.
2, 4, 8, 16, 32…
So! The winners will progress, lets say we are 32
1st round: 16 Advances 16 out (Day 1)
2nd: 8 Advances 8 out (Day 2
3rd (finals): 8 players play it out, live, untill there is one winner left. (Day 3)

Exactly. I’ll give you another example. Let’s say that we have n=10 players registered: P1,…,P10. We need 16 players then, so we add 6 BOTs (B1,…,B6) to the pool. Example pairings can look like this:

Player 1 Player 2 Event
P2 B4 images
B6 P7 nameRs
P1 B2 numbers
B3 P9 numbers
P10 P4 names
P5 B5 images
P8 B1 words
P6 P3 cards

Therefore players: 2, 7, 1, 9, 5, 8 advance immediately, other have to play their matches. Obviously BOTs are eliminated after the first round.

Byambaa has joined aswell!

The finals will be played today at 4pm GMT according to the rules described above in the general info section. Everyone can join! Registration will be open at 3:30pm GMT – please show up on Memory League chat and declare your willingness to participate.

Thanks everyone for joining the tournament! Here are the list of brave participants:
:fire: BurningDesire :fire:, Jan Zoń, Sabo, QuaraMan and noobmemory. QuaraMan earned 5th place showing some good stuff in cards. Sabo finished 4th with a great performance.

  • 3rd place :3rd_place_medal: noobmemory :checkered_flag:
  • 2nd place :2nd_place_medal: :fire: BurningDesire :fire: :sweden:
  • 1st place :1st_place_medal: Jan Zoń :poland:

Congratulations for the winner: Jan Zoń :trophy:.