Ran out of Memory Palaces :/

Hello Everyone,
I am a college students. I had been using Mind Palaces since last few months. And everyday really get good at it. I have been trying to store a lots of Educational stuff in mind palace (My House, School).
But i really ran of store room in my imaginary palaces (I don"t travels a lot ).
Can someone please guide me how can I memorize different books along with not getting out of space… i seriously needs help.

I really appreciates any kind of help.
Thank you.

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This might help:

Also this:

U could try watching YT videos of houses if you haven’t tried that. Or perhaps just creating synthetic spaces that you could maybe sketch out without making it too complicated.

You can try making memory palace from games too! for example if you play a lot of CS then you can make each map a memory palace.

I have really good visualization so i can create memory palaces on my head pretty well and effectively. You can practice on that, just visualizing places based on a theme.

Other resources you could use are art? think of a landscape, a pathway then draw the scene of locations. Even if its imaginary.

But here’s one that’s really good, if you’re in to gaming. Play Minecraft, either create your own world, get used to it, or join thousands of different vanilla servers.
(as a matter of fact any open world games will also do, but i feel a world that you created will be more familiar to you)