Quickly expanding 00-99 list to a 000-999 list with adjectives (assuming you don't have a 1000 system)


I have a Major system for 00-99, and I use it for pairs of digits like 8297 (a vine growing around a book) or 5873 (a lava game… hmm…), and when I need to memorize a 3-digit number that I don’t have handy, there’s a lone digit that doesn’t get accounted for.

In practice, many people use a raw 0-9 list for the missing digit, but often if the number is 3 digits long, I might incorporate that digit into my image, either by thinking up a number, like 420 is Uranus. But as a beginner, I don’t have the time to come up with and memorize 1000 images.

Instead, I will take the first digit and make it an adjective. I had images for 2, 3, and 4 which I use the most often, but I decided to extend it for the other digits. If I don’t have an image for a 3-digit number, this is my temporary solution until I can think of one.

0 - icy
1 - hot
2 - new
3 - my
4 - your
5 - ill/oily
6 - itchy/which (I look around and ask “which X?”)
7 - yucky
8 - heavy
9 - happy

So for memorizing 524, which I have no image of, I’ll think “oily honor”, which my image is of a Ph.D. stained with oil. Or for memorizing 928, I’ll think “happy nova”, which my image is of a star going supernova and laughing maniacally. Or for 754 - “yucky oiler”, I think of a monster eating one of the Edmonton Oilers (a hockey team), and think “ew”.

If anyone needs a temporary 000-999 system fast, maybe this will help. If you use something else, think of how you can apply the same theory there.


I like it. I have pretty much memorized a word for all 1000 digits but there are 16 that I often forget. I may either fill those in with your system or use your system to try to recall the 16 or so words that stump me from time to time. Thanks for sharing. u


@drsleep8 No prob. I’m debating on whether or not to switch to a true 1000 system or retain my current 100 system.


It comes handy a lot.

(Silvio B.) #5

I might try something similar. But I’ll probably use “emotions”, such as “happy”, “sad” etc. I’ll take my PA system and add an them as the first digit. So I could fit 5 digits in one location.

I’ll probably take “happy” for 8, “sad” for 6.

So for 84373 it would be: A happy Daniel Craig is drinking a cup of coffee.
For 64373: A sad Daniel Craig is drinking a cup of coffee.

I’ll just have to find 10 emotions that are easy to recognize.

The ones that come to mind are:
1 = angry
6 = sad
8 = happy

So I just need to find emotions that start with b, c, d, f, g, n. (I use F for 5, instead of E, in the Dominic System).

I’ll try that sometime and tell you how it went :slight_smile:

I found 10:
1 = angry
2 = bloated / has eaten way too much food
3 = cold / shivering
4 = depressed
5 = fired up / extremely motivated to do whatever he/she’s going to do
6 = sad
7 = grossed out / disgusted
8 = happy
9 = nauseated


Personally, these two would be too similar for my liking… I’d go with 6 = sexy instead.

(Silvio B.) #7

@bjoern.gumboldt you’re right :slight_smile:

I’ll try
4 = dehydrated /in desperate need of water
6 = sad

I might change some others too once I get the chance to practice. I’m sure some will be too weak.

(Silvio B.) #8

I tried it today. It works but is still very slow since I’m not used to it yet. Accuracy doesn’t seem to be a problem though, I got them all correct when I tried to memorize 80 digits on Memory League (it took me more than 60 seconds though).

A big thank you to @Simon for making it possible to group the numbers in 1 2 2 groups on Memory League :slight_smile:

I only noticed that I forgot about 0 when I was trying to memorize a number that started with 0 :joy:

I’ll try to use “obnoxious” for 0.


What a great name for a webpage :wink: …might be interesting for people trying to set up this system:

I’ve tried a few according to this system myself, but some adjectives are not really jumping out at me. For o I think I’d use octopus-like and just add a bunch of tentacles… obnoxious, old, and the alike would take me too long to encode I think; maybe olympic and add a torch or a gold medal or something.

@SilvioB you don’t have any issues with “abstract” adjectives? I prefer proper nouns when it comes to random words in competition… maybe that’s why.

(Silvio B.) #10

@bjoern.gumboldt they don’t seem to be a problem for me when they are used in combination with a person. Without the person, it would be much harder for me.