Questions and Suggestions for the IAM Board


Hi all!

It’s been discussed to try and find a way for all current and future IAM members to discuss and suggest ideas to the IAM board. This thread could act as either a way to discuss the best way to share ideas, submit them, rank them, assign them, i.e. discussing the framework AND/OR a way to actually start discussing these ideas.

Here are a few ideas and topics which imho would be good to tackle in the near-ish future :slight_smile:

a) Form a dedicated PR team along with some expectations on content, i.e. what format? How often? Target groups? It could be regular interviews with athletes, judges, organisers or people from the “outside”, news about tournaments or other initiatives.

b) Add content to the current website, such as rules, board members and contacts, etc.

c) Add people to the IT team and define goals regarding the website, functions, interactivity.

d) Create a standard beginner format

e) Have a way of clearly visualizing the members’ suggestions, upvote/downvote them

f) Create a competition “starter kit” to help people hold a competition in countries which haven’t hosted one before.

Anyone with comments on either the framework or ideas?



Any opinions on what a good interface between the members and the board might be?



Thanks for bringing up this topic, Sylle! I agree fully with all of your ideas. :slight_smile:

For now I want to add just one more point:

g) More transparency - As an IAM member I have no clue what the new Board has discussed or done since their mandate started. For example: what’s the status of the next World Memory Championship? Has there been any bids for it yet? Has it already been selected? It would be nice if they shared what they were up to and/or what has been done/not done at least once per month in a short post.

e) Have a way of clearly visualizing the members’ suggestions, upvote/downvote them

Maybe we could use Tricider? The Board could then go through it once per month to see what people are most interested them doing/tackling, as well as give a comment on each one of the ideas.



And I agree with yours :slight_smile:

We could try to start with Tricider, populate it with ideas, perhaps see if it’s possible to have it displayed on the iam-memory page, etc.

Is there any IAM board member reading this forum by the way?



h) should there be some synchronization of the standards used by the IAM, GAMA and WMSC? These were once aligned but are drifting apart (see the results of the recent mongolian championships for instance). This is maybe just one subpoint of continuous collaboration between various global organizations?

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